King Kong in 3D?

KingKongPoster4.jpgSounds like it could be a possibility…or a rumour started to give thought to the possibility…or simply a rumour to raise company stock! Whichever, it’s worthy of a mention. From Reuters through Yahoo:

In-Three…Calif.-based postproduction company that converts traditional live-action and animated movies into 3-D, already is at work applying its patented and trademarked “dimensionalization” process to “King Kong,” which opens domestically on December 14…

…But the betting is, whoever is involved, a 3-D “Kong” will appear in theaters several months into the movie’s run. A Universal spokesman denied that any plans are afoot to give “Kong” a 3-D boost during its run, saying, “No, (‘King Kong’) will not be shown in 3-D.” But 3-D fans can still dream, can’t they?

Blah, blah, blah…it’s the usual press release which everyone denies but was leaked from one of the companies mentioned. I know, I worked in a media company and we’ve done it ourselves! I don’t think fans would be dreaming of a 3D version of the movie, especially not one that means I have to wear something other than my current glasses…how would they cope with that?

Nah, for me, 3D is a gimmick for gimmick movies. I’d purposely avoid it. You?

  • SpideyFan

    More and more this looks like Jurassic Park 4.


  • Funnily enough Richard, I just wrote on this topic today. Bottom line = Thumbs up for 3D that is an after thought (ex. Chicken Little) – thumbs down for movies that revolve around the effect(Sharkboy & Lavagirl). Some day all movies will be 3D, mark my words. Oh yes, they will…

  • Arminius

    Saw Chicken Little in 3D, and it added a lot. It wasn’t a matter of some things bulging out in a few limited gimmick scenes, but it really altered the whole sense of the movie. Also, the glasses provided for it (plastic ones that looked like the main character’s) fit easily and comfortably over my glasses.

    Besides, it’s not King Kong in 3D, it’s Naomi Watts in 3D. Not even Jack Black in 3D can cancel THAT out.