Richard Pryor passes away

RichardPryor.jpgThe great comedian Richard Pryor passed away at the fair age of 65, just nine days after his birthday. His wife, Jennifer says that he passed away with a smile on his face. All here at the Movie Blog pass on our heartfelt thanks for his comic genius and the entertainment he gave us onscreen. Our thoughts are with his family and friends, and I invite you readers to leave your thoughts and memories below.

From the BBC:

Groundbreaking black US comedian Richard Pryor has died after almost 20 years with multiple sclerosis. He died at the age of 65 of a heart attack at Encino hospital near Los Angeles, his wife Jennifer Pryor said…

…He blazed a trail for black performers, earning enough clout to negotiate his own deals in Hollywood…

…”I live in racist America and I’m uneducated, yet a lot of people love me and like what I do, and I can make a living from it. You can’t do much better than that,” he said.

His comedy influenced black artists such as Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and Damon Wayans, as well as Robin Williams, David Letterman and others…

…His wife Jennifer said he was not in pain when he died. “He did not suffer, he went quickly and at the end there was a smile on his face,” she said. “I’m honoured now that I have an opportunity to protect and continue his legacy because he’s a very, very, very amazing man and he opened doors to so many people.”

As at writing, the Richard Pryor official site forums are currently down and they’re only accepting emails.

Here’s to Richard Pryor.

6 thoughts on “Richard Pryor passes away

  1. Pryor did what few black entertainers ever accomplished….

    He honored his culture, made fun of the mis fortune of his heritage’s trajedy, all while never giving into the despair and anger that most do.

    He should be remembered, not as an african american commedian, but simply as the greatest commedian of our generation…

  2. Him talking about how he free based coke and lit him self on fire is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in life. Everything that’s good dies in December

  3. It is indeed a sad day when one of my all time favourite actors passes away.

    Stir Crazy and Silver Streak are still of my two favourite films of all time.

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