Top Movie Stars of all time

Star_Walk.jpgYou know top lists are about debate, there’s not a closure on them, and none of them are right and yet all of them are. Your list is right for you, mine for me, the Movie Blog’s for everyone. The fun is in debating and remembering some of those great performances you’ve seen and been touched by. So here’s another Top List, the Top 50 Movie Stars of all time.

Film Fodderare carrying the story from Premiere Magazine who, I think, have done a superb job of gathering an excellent list. See if you agree. Terry points out a few things for those statisticians amongst you…

Of the 50, 20 are currently or recently working. Of the top 20, only 5 are still making films; of the top 15, only one is still making films.

Remember too that this list is about Movie Stardom, although for me that goes hand in hand with performance. Still I think they’ve got a really good list, although I would quibble on a few points.

  • Steve McQueen should be higher
  • Al Pacino is after Sean Connery?
  • Denzil Washington should be higher
  • Peter Sellars should be higher
  • Meryl Streep should be higher
  • Wil Smith shouldn’t be so high
  • …and controversy beyond belief – Russel Crowe before Brad Pitt?

Not so sure. Go and have a look at the list and come back to discuss. Do they have the top five right? How many of your top five match, and what are your top five?