Who is the most gruesome, scariest, and insane movie maniac/monster?

mikeM.jpgOctober; one of my favorite times of he year. The only time were we can all dress up as our favorite monsters, ghouls and heros; prance around the streets of our neighborhood and scar the living bah-jesus out of the wee little trick or treater’s -god that’s fun to do-. Another great perk to the Halloween season, is the TV networks playing horror movies all month long, the only season were gore and fright is an ongoing theme. I am a big horror movie fan, each year when the video stores put much of their scary movie titles on sale, I spend many of my hard earned dollars towards beefing up my horror section of my DVD collection.

This brings me to a popular question which is discussed time and time again during the Halloween month. Who is the most bad ass movie maniac to date? A very subjective question, which all depends on your likes and dislikes, but none the less a question which is always great for spine tingling collaboration.

Throughout the years of film we have been introduced to hundreds of horrifying characters who keep us awake at night -I can remember having nightmares for weeks after seeing Fright Night as a child-. So who would you rank as some of the best? Who gave you the worst dreams and forced you to sleep in your parents bed at night? Immediately movie maniacs like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Norman Bates come to mind. But there are so many others who are eligible for the list. Pinhead, Pumpkinhead, or classic monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfmam.

We need your votes! Who is the best movie monster/maniac, and why do you think so? Post the names and movies of your favorites.

Personally, I’m partial towards Michael Myers from the Halloween flicks. Myers was not some monster dripping with goo or a ghost who couldn’t be stoped on this plain. Myers was a flesh and blood nut job who just couldn’t be stoped, and all he knew was death.

Update:Top 10 list will be created based on your comments and will be posted for Halloween.

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