Peter Jackson Is Not “Behind” Halo!

I can’t believe how hysterical some Halo fans have become over the news that Peter Jackson has lent his name as an executive producer (who don’t actually do anything) to the upcoming Halo project. Don’t get me wrong… Jackson getting WETA involved with Halo is FANTASTIC news… but that’s all there is to it.

Over the last few days I’ve read so many incorrect stories and posts that proclaim things like (and these are direct quotes):
– “Peter Jackson is Helming Halo!”
– “Jackson in charge of Halo production”
– “Peter Jackson is now behind Halo”

Not to mention, I’ve received almost 50 emails from random people all basically asking me the same question. “What do you think now that Peter Jackson is in charge of Halo?”. My answer is always the same… “Peter Jackson is not behind, in charge or in any way in control over anything with regards to the Halo movie”. It’s that simple.

Look, let’s get some facts straight here.

1) Peter Jackson is NOT directing Halo.
He is only listed as an executive producer

2) Peter Jackson is NOT the producer for Halo.
The Halo project already has producers who have brought Peter on as an EXECUTIVE producer. And don’t be fooled by the word “EXECUTIVE”… that’s actually a lower title than producer.

3) Producers and Executive Producers different things.
The dictionary defines a PRODUCER as “The chief of a movie production in all matters save the creative efforts of the director. A producer is responsible for raising funding, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors.”

If defines an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER as “one who is involved in the overall production and its finances and not involved in any technical or creative aspects”

4) Peter Jackson has no decision making involvement in Halo
The official Bungie press release plainly says that Jackson and Fran Walsh are only “CONSULTING” for the movie and providing WETA and their production studios in New Zeland. Decisions will be made by the director, and the Producers (Mary Parent, Scott Stuber and Peter Schlessel). Jackson and Walsh will only periodically consult. And I doubt they’ll do much of that since…

5) Jackson is next working on The Lovely Bones
Once finished with all of the King Kong production and DVD work, Jackson’s next project (that he is PRODUCING and DIRECTING) is The Lovely Bones. There is VERY little to no time for him to be directly involved with Halo on any level.

Look, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… I hope a Halo Movie ROCKS! I really do. And them getting WETA involved is HUGE FANTASTIC news for any Halo fan. Seriously! Just don’t get all excited that Peter Jackson is making Halo… becasue he’s not. They will use his NAME every chance they get… but he’s not actually going to be doing anything on the film other than MAYBE consult once in a while… you know… when he’s not super busy making his own movie (The Lovely Bones) at the same time.

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