Luis Guzman is A Big Stupid Ass

Guzman44.jpgUp until this point I’ve really liked the work of Luis Guzman… and I guess I still do. But as of right now I have absolutely ZERO respect for this higher-than-thou, non-professional, egotistical piece of shit. So what happened?

A piece of footage from the set of the new Ryan Reynolds film “Waiting” has hit the net. In this “behind the scenes” footage, we see the director (Rob McKittrick – this is his first major project) talking to the cast and trying to get Luis Guzman to say his line. Wow… how radical… a director telling one of his actors what to say in a scene.

But apparently McKittrick didn’t get the memo that said actors called the shots on set. I guess no one told the director that A-List wanna-be actors like Guzman get to decide what lines they will or won’t say whenever the hell they feel like it and don’t need to listen to the director.

In the video we see McKittrick trying to appease Guzman, and offered to do the shot his way AND Guzman’s way and then have them both look at it later… but Guzman refuses. The conversation then goes something like this:

Guzman: Fuck that shit. If you we it like that then you’ll just take it your way
McKittrick: Look, I promise you that if we get it….
G: Look, I’m going to do it my way and that’s it.
M: Just say….
G: No, I’ve worked with a lot of directors, I know what the fuck they do, and that’s how I’m going to do it and that’s it.
M: Look, all of these guys will testify that I always let them have a take. So I’ll give you you’re take and you give me mine. Ok?
G: No, I’m doing it this way and that’s it.

And as if Guzman hasn’t made enough of an ass of himself already, he really makes a play to be the president of the Jackass club:

G: Do you know who the fuck I’ve worked with? And who the fuck are you?
M: I think it’s pathetic that these young guys are willing to do their lines and you won’t
G: Don’t you curse at me again or I’ll bitch slap you. We’re doing it my way and that’s it.

It just get’s worse with Guzman swearing some more and walking off the set.

WHO THE HELL DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS!?!?! Forget Tom Cruise, or Russell Crowe or Rob Schnieder or any other actor you think is unlikeable. Luis Guzman is now king of Asswipe mountain. I will never again be able to watch this guy’s work without seeing nothing but high lord of the idiots jerk off. What a moron. What a total self indulged piece of crap. I hope no director ever agrees to work with this moron again.

If you’d like to see the video for yourself (it’s even worse than I’ve described it) you can click here. (via)

**UPDATE: Jusin Long seems to think this was all a joke. But…
Rob McKittrick (the director) writes that it was quite serious on his blog

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