Is Jessica Alba Overrated?

I’m sure there aren’t many people on the planet who would deny the pure sex appeal of Jessica Alba. The woman is sexy. She’s beyond sexy. She’s a total marvel. She’s got the hot brooding seductress thing that Angelina Jollie has… and yet the sweet innocent girl next door thing all at the same time… everything a man (or woman depending on your persuasion) could want.

This pure sex appeal has landed her some sweet roles and got her a lot of attention. But after seeing Fantastic Four, Sin City, Into the Blue and even a little of her short lived TV show Dark Angel… I’ve got to ask… Is she overrated?

I’ve noticed that whenever I come across any article or TV spot on Jessica Alba, the first words are usually “The beautiful…” or “The stunning…”. The conversation never starts with “The talented Jessica Alba” or “award winning actress…”. And I’m starting to realize something my loins have been preventing me from recognizing… she’s not that good.

Yes, I know many other people have been saying this for some time now… but I think that just now most people are starting to realize it too.

She really hasn’t been able to carry any role. Take away her hottness from her role in Sin City… and she was easily the weakest performance in the film (and that’s saying something when Brintney Murphy was in it too).

So what do you think? Has she just been hugely overrated… or do you see some sort of potential in her that just hasn’t come out yet? And no… her breasts don’t count.

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30 thoughts on “Is Jessica Alba Overrated?

  1. Oh yea, she’s all show and no go alright. I really wanted to give her a chance and hope that at some point, her acting ability would shine, but she has been a total disappointment.

    Beautiful girl to see on the big screen, but her acting makes it hard to watch.

  2. Is she tanned? Yes

    Is she trimmed? Yes

    Is she hot? Maybe if you’re into teens, but she really isn’t hot in the sense of a real woman.

    And yeah, she acts like a teen, too.

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  4. Her role in honey was garbage. She is only an alright actress. She Is not real quality. I know I wouldnt put her in my movies. She tried to act like she was black in honey. I was so embarrassed for her that I was putting my head down in my hands cringing not trying to look at her trying to act ghetto and everything. She should just stick to teen and summer flicks. She should do what she do best and that is get half naked and get in a bathing suit on the real tip.

  5. Jessica Alba is one of those hot chicks that i just cant stand. They’re famous beyond their talent and then start companies to just reinforce the fact that they couldnt act their way to stardom so the only way they’ll stay in the spotlight is to bombard stupid people with their name. Jennifer Lopez did it and now its Jessica Albas turn. She’s got producing several video games (huh???), shes got a babies line of clothing and all that other garbage suckers like to buy.

    I really do think she’s an incredible looking girl but i cant help but think of how many hot actresses are more talented and have less flabby thighs but are completely ignored. Luck is a mysterious thing.

  6. ummm… citizendick, i hate to break it to you, but that’s a body double in “the sleeping dictionary”.

    as for her unability (is tht a real word?) to carry a role. i think she was perfectly cast in dark angel. how cameron saw in her the ability to pull of that kind of a role, especially from her role’s in flipper, idle hands, and never been kissed, i don’t know. all three were reasonably good, but not specacular. it’s a shame, that the show was too big for it’s own good. expensive did not equal enough viewing figures, although it had a following, maybe not as much as firefly, but i’m sure they could hsve spun out a movie from the show.

    bu i digress, anyway back to my point. she had/has potential, it all depends on the roles she pursues. it seems to me, that she’s going for the easy bets, fantastic 4, into the blue. they don’t seem to me like challenging roles. as for her being overhyped, whose fault is that?

    i’m sure there are many actors and actresses that had the potential to be great, but because of choices they made, we will never see them in film that can show this. i just hope jessica isn’t one of them.

  7. Shannyn Sossamon – I think she’s getting better. But then, everyone looks surprisingly good when they have a guest spot on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. I think Shannyn Sossamon only gets a bad rap due to the film “A Knight’s Tale”, no more.

    Jessica Alba- “Honey” was a dumb soap opera fantasy with rock videos. On that level it worked, but that’s all it was, nothing more. “Fantasic Four”? She struggled wih her lines, and had zero chemistry with any other actor in the film- specifically Ioan Gruffud.

    She was fine in “Dark Angel”.

  8. Darren just said what I was planning to say about Scarlett Johansson, she’s indeed a rare find. And my, she is so beautiful!!! What about Natalie Portman? I think she is also a talented and very pretty actress, and yes, she’s the same age as Ms Alba. I will always remember her wonderful performance in “Leon”.

    The ff. actresses are close to Ms. Alba’s age but has already demonstrated their thespian skills.

    Claire Danes (1979)

    Kirsten Dunst (1982)

    Keira Knightley (1985)

    It reminds me of the time when we had the likes of a younger but talented Winona Ryder, or Kate Winslet.

  9. She’s like nearly every 20-year-old American actress–cast first for her looks, and second (or fourth, perhaps) for her acting ability. More importantly, acting benefits from experience. So, the odds of a young woman having quality acting chops and gravitas is highly unlikely (Scarlett Johannsen being the exception that proves the rule).

    I once read of Shannyn Sossamon that she was ‘a charisma-free zone’. The same could be applied to Alba, and plenty of other young Hollywood ‘talents’.

  10. She may or may not be talented. I have not made up my mind yet. Though I’m leaning toward not. But who cares? I don’t go see a Jessica Alba movie for her Oscar-worthy performances… Most of the movies she ends up in are the summer popcorn flick type anyway. And even if everyone reaches a consensus that her acting is poop, I will continue watching Jessica Alba movies.

  11. Jessica Alba is overrated, but I don’t think by the public, it’s more the executives who buy into her agent promoting her sex appeal.

    While I won’t say that Alba can’t act, I will say she’s completely one dimensional and cannot play outside the box. If you were watch a Dark Angel episode then Sin City and then FF4 you would find the one character actor. She’s lacks depth and the ability to show any true range of emotions. She needs an acting coach.

    I have absolutely no problem with actresses being “hot” and getting roles. What’s important are their performances. Catherine, Charlize, Rachel McAdams, and Nicole Kidman are a few examples of what hot and talented really is.

    On the flip side, Jessica is young and could find some depth within, but until then I won’t go see a movie she’s in unless there is a great cast and she’s only a supporting role.

  12. Everyone talking about her naked. Has anyone seen the sleeping dictionary. Not a horrible film, but that could be because she gets naked. That’s right NAKED! She does a good job in films where she plays the sexy cheerleader type a-la “idle hands”. I think she will eventually find her role, but in the mean time sleeping dictionary 2? Maybe she will want to do “Goats of Oden” with Bill Cosby.

  13. She’s beautiful, but why can’t you be beautiful AND a good actor? Well, that’s what Charlize Theron is for, I guess.

  14. I do agree, having read all the Sin City books long before the film, that she should’ve been sans clothing – especially since she plays a stripper. (Of course nearly every main character, male and female, in Miller’s books are completely naked at some point so be careful what you wish for.)

    Having seen bits of Dark Angel, Idle Hands, and trailers for FF4, I have to say her performance was pretty damn good. Although I was expecting more of the sultry, goddess-like aura (again harkening to the books), I was cool with the more sunshiney, cheery Nancy. I think she’ll do well in the hands of the right director.

    Plus Michael Madsen was easily the weakest link in Sin City. I think there may be a little more of him in the extended edition, so I’m hoping it helps rather than harms, but I cringed throughout every one of his lines.

  15. Overrated? Did anyone ever claim she was a great actress? She does well enough that you don’t feel like you’re watching a female Paul Walker. In other words, you don’t get that fingernails on the chalkboard feeling anytime she opens her mouth.

    My criteria for a good performance is that I forget or never realize who is the actor/actress playing the part. While I was a fan of Dark Angel the first season, I never realized that she was one of the girls in Never Been Kissed, and I saw it after I had started watching Dark Angel. She must have done something right in that part.

    And, why do actresses have to “get ugly” to receive recognition these days? It’s a ridiculous standard. If they had selected somebody who was less attractive for Monster than Theron and they had turned in the same performance, nobody would have noticed.

  16. Frankly, I’m rather suprised by this criticism of Jessica.

    Now, I’ve been a fan of hers since Dark Angel, but I’ve NEVER considered her a “start quality” actress. She has a journeyman’s acting talent, nowhere near award-quality, but still worth giving a supporting role to.

  17. I always thought Catherine Zeta-Jones was the hottest person alive personally.I wouldn’t say she wa sa bad actor.. it’s not like im walkign out of the theatre and sayin` that movie sucked(or wasnt as good) because of her(like I did with Holmes in Batman Begins)..I think she’s alright, the onyl reason she’s gettin the short stick is because she’s so “hot”..

  18. Colleen…that is exactly what I meant…that her persona and moral stand point ruin the roles that she takes. Sin City would have been so much better had there been a woman willing to get naked…and I dont say that simply to get my rocks off looking at another set of boobs…but I say that because the role would have been so much more convincing. When I pointed out her stand point on nudity I meant it to mean that she needs to stay with sappy love roles and stupid stuff like that where her view of skin is appreciated. But in the roles she has taken…they could have been done better by someone who is convincing in their character.

  19. Mecho,

    I’d have “respected” her decision to remain clothed, had she not signed on to play a stripper in Sin City. From a creative standpoint her decision simply detracts from the character and the film. It isn’t realistic. She should have stepped aside and made way for an actress actually willing to play a stripper.

    Apparently she’s a more “respectable” person than the character she played in Sin City. Got it.


    Colleen Camp

  20. GOD DAMN she is hoTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I have to agree, all the movies she came out in were just to boost her sex appeal. She never came out in a movie she played a “Monster” type role, meaning like Charlize Theron. I would say give a couple of years and we might see a break threw role in her career. Otherwise we will wait for her to apear in Playboy!!!


  21. John, I have been saying this for awhile now…she is hot, but she has not supported any of the roles she has taken in all the movies I have seen. Well, I will give her Idle Hands, but like that really counts!!! She is one of the few actresses who refuses to show any skin on screen and as much as the beast inside me screams for me not say this…I actually respect that in her. But that being said…she cannot support the roles she has thus far been protrayed in…she should stick with the “Mandy Moore” type cheesy roles. She took over the sexy stripper “Nancy” in Sin CIty, but was it really that sexy…No. She ran around in a bikini in Into the Blue, but was it that impressive…No. Why, you ask, because her persona cannot bring the true character out. And John, Angelina Jolie is FUGLY man. Adrianna Lima on the other hand…is a goddess!!!!!!!!

  22. um, did you even see “Fantastic Four” or “Into The Blue”??

    my sincere regrets if you saw one or both of them. to be fair, both of those stinkers didn’t rest entirely on her amble… shoulders. but she was bad nonetheless.

  23. I am grinning from ear to ear, thanks to John’s honesty and somebody thought he was shallow! If you guys dont know what I am talking about, check out John’s personal blog. *shameless plug*

    I am not sure what else she can do but can she also sing? Cause I used to associate her with tbe likes of Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore. Anyway, I have only seen Ms. Alba in 2 films, her minor role in “Never Been Kissed” and “Fantastic Four”, and no she didnt bawl me over. I hope she thinks of this as constuctive criticism and maybe consider taking acting classes if she intends to stay in this profession. It wouldnt hurt, she’s already pretty and hot (not that I would say that, I prefer men!) but longevity in her chosen career depends so much on what you can do and not only to what you can show.

  24. ahhhh yes, you are catching on!

    I am sure I am in the minority of not finding her attractive, but i just don’t like her face…as I have stated beofre, it is wierd and rounded.

    Unlike my own, which looks so good, I have a hard time getting to work on time becasue i spend so much time primping and preening in front of the mirror int he morning.

    But yeah, has she ever been good in anything? Even early early stuff I don’t knwo wabout?

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