Spike movie a go?

Spike.jpgThere’s been a bit of speculation about a Spike movie coming from Joss Whedon, but it actually looks like it might be more than rumour.

In an interview over at E Online through Coming Soon, Amy Acker talks about her new role in Alias – love that show, and watch out Alias audience abroad, there be spoilers afoot – but at the very end she says…

…Joss Whedon has spoken with her about resurrecting her role as Illyria. “He has mentioned it a couple of times,” she told me. “I mean, the last time, I talked to him a couple weeks ago and said that I had heard that Tim Minear was gonna write and direct the Spike movie, the Spike-Illyria movie, so he said that they want to do that still. I think he’s just overwhelmed a bit right now with the press for Serenity and everything!”

Sounds damn good, and the best confirmation I’ve seen so far. I hope when they do write it that the emphasis is more on the darker side of Spike and not the more jocular Buffy side…Is this the kind of hint you’ve been looking for? How would you like to see Spike on the big screen?

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