No VHS Release for Revenge Of The Sith

Considering what a pioneer in the digital field George Lucas has been, the news that Revenge of the Sith, coming out on November 1st this year… will NOT be released on VHS. That’s right kiddies, it’ll be a DVD only party.

The good folks over at Counting Down give us this:

20th Century Fox and LucasFilm will release Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, expected to be one of the season’s top sellers, on DVD only. Star Wars will be the first major new release to skip VHS, some say a move that is unsurprising because of its heavy DVD audience.

So for those of you out there still stuck in 1999, it may be time to head over to your local electronics stores and grab a DVD player. The good news is you can practically get them out of a bubble gum machine now for a quarter.

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11 thoughts on “No VHS Release for Revenge Of The Sith

  1. This is bad news. Like CDs, DVDs often skip and stutter whereas I’d like a copy of Episode III that is durable. On November 1, I’m gonna copy the DVD straight onto VHS when I get it.

  2. The problem with DVD players is that most people want one that can do everything, playback, record and multi-region playback. This is a problem because for some reason DVD recorders are ridiculously expensive. To find one that does everything would put a considerable drain on your budget.

  3. I just bought 2 DVD players: one for my grandmother, and one for my aunt. They were $25 each, so I spent just $56 for both (tax included). I have seen some DVD recorders for $89. For anyone who complains about a DVD-only release (and there will surely be more DVD-only releases in the future), just buy a DVD player. Seriously. They are incredibly inexpesive.

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