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John_SoundOfThunder.jpgI’m a sucker for Sci-Fi movies. It seems like no matter how bad they look, I’ll still make sure I see them (often to my own peril). So here comes A Sound Of Thunder, a movie based (and I use that term loosely) on the short story by Ray Bradbury. A company has developed time travel, and instead of using it for the betterment of mankind, they use it to sell hunting expeditions back to the prehistoric age. However, one of the clients steps on a butterfly which sets off a chain reaction that changes all of history. Sound dumb? You’re right.


The concept for the film was a good one. Looking at how the slightest change in the past could totally alter the present (or the future).

Ummm… Ben Kingsley has a wicked looking white hair cut in it.


Oh man… where to start? Everything was bad in this film. I can not emphasis this enough… the visual effects looked like they were cira 1996. No, I’m not kidding. These were some of the worst visual effects I’ve seen in YEARS. I can’t believe they actually let this film get released before improving them drastically.

Plot holes abound in great delight and range from the overly convenient to the completely outrageous. I swear I was watching a high school in class movie project.

Oh yeah, it’s never a good sign when you walk out of a theater and you realize that you can’t remember the names of ANY of the characters. That usually means you never cared to know…. like in this movie.


A Sci-Fi film can be goofy and dumb and yet still be fun at the same time. But A Sound Of Thunder fails at every level that you can think of. Nothing works in this movie and I can easily predict that this movie will be making my “10 worst movies of 2005” at the end of the year. I give A Sound Of Thunder a 2/10.

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