Confusing movie titles

SidJames.jpgOver at Cinematical a little while ago they listed some movie titles, for example:

Essential DVDs That Sound Like Porn Films But Aren’t:
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Big Red One
Deep Impact
A Hard Day’s Night

…and that made me laugh, and then I got to thinking about movie titles and innuendos (I am British after all!), and other movies that aren’t porn movies but the titles sound like they most definitely are. How about…

Soft and Hard
The Hand Job
Hardcase and Fist
A Fist for a Fist
The Cosmic Sucker

Okay, I’ll stop now…they’re just getting silly and not as classy as the ones Cinematical picked out. Can you find some more subtle and innuendo type titles, or are the ones left just straight rude?! How many can you find?

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