Brad Reviews the Soundtrack for Broken Flowers

broken_flowers_poster.jpgAfter completing my review of Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers, I jumped right into the soundtrack. This collection of Jazz, Caribbean, Classical and Indie Rock; although very different from track to track, is smoothly consistant in its transitions.

Ethiopian composer and musician Mulatu Astatke has put together a smooth collection of hypnotic western style jazz pieces which will certainly aid as bed music on any dinner at home date.

Educated and artistic listeners will appreciate Gabriel Faur√ɬ©’s Requiem, Op.48 (Pie Jesu), Dopesmoker performed by Sleep and the interlacing of Astatke.

“There is an end” is the first track preformed by The Greenhornes with Holly Golightly, a 007 sound -when Sheryl Crow did the theme- which does a good job of setting the tone of the entire compilation.

The best adjectives I can use to describe this soundtrack are:

  • intelligent
  • relaxing
  • smooth, oh so smooth

I’ve been listening to this all day at work -shhhhh- and it has been great for curing the Monday sluggishness. Truly a good listen from start to finish.

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One thought on “Brad Reviews the Soundtrack for Broken Flowers

  1. Oh, I agree! I saw Broken Flowers over the Labor Day weekend and the soundtrack was amazing, my favorite tracks are all by Mulatu though.

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