Edinburgh International Film Festival – Day Two, Screenings four, Director one

EIFF.jpgWhat a day, far busier and lot’s of running about. Still I saw one great movie, and two really good ones, all totally different in styles, content and locations.

36 Quai des Orf√ɬ®vres is a French cop thriller, The Magician is a handheld darkly humorous insight into a hitman’s life, while P is the first Thai film made by a Westerner.

It was that very Westerner that I met beforehand, Paul Spurrier, and hopefully I’ll soon have a short chat written up, if it makes for interesting reading! He’s off to see Land of the Dead this evening, but I should be meeting him again before he heads out tomorrow.

All very interesting and made a great day, just very tiring when the last show finished after 2am! Read all about it over at my site.

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