Aladdin – Modern Day Spin

Aladdin.jpgThe story of Aladdin is a timeless one. The 1992 Disney animated film is an all time classic. So it looks like Disney is going back to the well again in an attempt for success.

It’s being reported that Disney has decided to develop a modern day, live action Aladdin story. The good folks over at Cinema Confidential give us this:

Walt Disney Pictures has purchased a pitch about a modern day Aladdin story that they will setup for Adam Shankman (“The Pacifier”) to possibly direct. Bill Kelly will pen the screenplay, along with Shankman co-producing. The movie would be set in today’s world but with the same Aladdin story.

I don’t know about this. It’s an interesting idea… but classic tales told in the “modern” world don’t usually pan out all that well. I’d rather see them try a classic telling of Aladdin done in live action. The possibilities for the visual effects would be huge. Oh well, I guess it’ll happen in New York instead.

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