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adrianPaul.jpgWe’ve been talking for a few months around here about rumours that the mistake that just keeps on giving, the Highlander sequels, is going to make yet another installment. Well now it looks official.

Adrian Paul, star of the half decent Highlander TV series, has announced on his official website that he is going to executive produce a fifth highlander film. Here’s what he had to say:

“I always said I would never do another one unless I had more control over the final product,” Paul said. “Well, this time I am executive-producing it. Brett Leonard [Lawnmower Man] is set to direct. Be ready to see a new Highlander film that has the quality of [the] television … series, with a new sound and look for 2006.”

Hey, how about replacing “I always said I would never do another one unless I had more control over the final product” with the more honest “I always said I would never do another one unless my career fails to take off and I need the work“.

The original Highlander is one of my favorite films of all time (in my top 10 actually) and it makes the baby Jesus cry with all the horrible things they’ve done to it since then. This is a mistake. I’ll see it just because I’m an idiot… but it’s still a mistake.

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  1. hi, I left out the 2nd spin-off series Highlander: the raven which ran from 1998-1999 and starred elizabeth ward gracen reprising her beloved amanda role from hl:the series, and veteran actor Paul johannsen as a mortal cop nick wolfe.

    it had almost nothing to do with highlander the series and only a brief cameo from only one other former cast member (Jim byrnes as joe dawson)that and poor direction for a good portion of the spin-off’s one season sunk it right when it was getting good.

    problem was, no conner, no duncan not enough joe dawson or methos etc. and though lizzy gracen was/is very beautiful,sexy,funny and a great actor, she didn’t have what it took to carry a series and the chemistry with paul johansen never really took.

    there you go.. that is that NOW, thats the complete up to date highlander history.

    “In the end, there can be only one..may it be duncan mcleod, the highlander”!!!


    if your a fan of highlander 1 the original (and best of the 4 films) then you know they only made this one film not knowing it would become (after a few yrs) a cult hit!

    I’m 34 yrs old and I remember hl 1 not doing well at all at box office. As a matter of fact the only one that did anything decent was 2 and it was the most ass-backwards retarded script/storyline of all time!!

    By the late 1980’s, highlander the movie or “1” had done very well in the video purchase and rental dept. and they made ‘highlander2: the quickening. It did very well at the box office (for the time) but almost ruined the franchise as davis/panzer (TV SERIES& MOVIE EX. PRODUCERS) made the immortals-who were humans in the first movie but had an immortality gene that could only be triggered by a violent death-into fucking ALIENS!! Who then, came back to be reborn on earth or some such shit!!

    2 had the best cast of all 4 films combined (SEAN CONNERY,LAMBERT,MICHAEL IRONSIDE, VIRGINIA MADSEN,JOHN C MCGINLEY ETC), a great director, special effects etc. and just sucked! it didn’t make sense. Goes to show even with great acting, sets, sp. effects, director, without a good story n script you got shit!

    So, late 1991 they deceide to start a spin-off tv series for 1992-1993 tv season…to make up for the horrible hl2. and went back to a very simular formula from the first film starring relative newcomer 32 yr old british actor adrian paul.

    the show followed a very safe plotline for much of the first 8-10 episodes then as the 1st year closed out..it started to make hey in the ratings and got fans excited again about highlander.

    the show was a hit by early on in season 2 (1993-1994) with the series being filmed in vancouver b.c. and half in paris, france

    meanwhile, highlander 3: the sorcerer starring lambert and mario van peebles begain pre- production in 1994 and finished filming in 1994 I believe.

    Once again, was poorly promoted but fans gave it a passing grade and it did well in rental n purchase market. and by the time it came out to theartres in north america in winter 1996 the series was a smash international hit. and by nov. 1997 adrian paul had ended the series (with the last 5 or 6 shows to be aired in winter/spring 1998)and the 6th season was an overall dissapointment with the series producers trying to find a female immortal to take the reins for another hl spin-off series..

    meanwhile, talks were stirring about highlander 4 with both adrian pauls’ duncan and chris lamberts’ conner in the same movie. 2 yrs later came “endgame”. though dissapointing story wise, the chemistry between the 2 stars was obv. and the action was very good. sex scenes were hot just a bad script job and rookie mistakes by director doug arronioski.

    worst part of hl 4 for most fans?? THEY KILLED OFF CONNER! next to the horribly short theatrical version (about 82 minutes) and bad editing that has burned in the craw of hl fans alike!

    Ever since then, starting as early as sept.2001 “highlander 5: the source” starring lambert, sean connery and reportedly as the main villian, another former bond star,veteran british actor

    timothy dalton was said to be in pre-production and was too come out sometime in 2002..then rumors at highlander conventions had the producers’ davis-panzer saying to the crowds that paul,lambert and connery were signed to do 5! which I had heard was complete bullshit!

    As was confirmed by adrian paul on his website and other interviews years ago. Davis-panzer only care about the HUGE merchanzing market they have and started to make n pedal “the source” wear n trinkets b4 it was even made!

    now, ownership of the franchise Highlander fell back into the hands of davis-panzer as demension films/mirimax were having (and still are) major issues and time ran out for them and the property was given back to d.p.

    they went to adrian paul asked him to star and ex. produce it..he said yes and here we are!!!

    As for the rest of the cast, it is said that series co-stars jim byrnes (watcher joe dawson), and immortal/watcher known as “methos” played by peter wingfield are set to re-join paul..

    No offical word on the fate of christopher lamberts’ conner mcleod in the new film trilogy. Thats’ right I said trilogy! theres gonna be 3 more highlander films!!

    only time will tell, but I hope that helps u out a bit with the history of highlander.

    and due to the lack of continuity, this is the real order.



    3 (totally ditched hl2, and was a direct sequel to 1)

    endgame ( 4 or endgame totally ignored 2 and 3)

    new trilogy

    there you go highlander fans!! enjoy highlander and the new trilogy to come!

    martin macleod

  3. Look, the people in the series are NOT the people from the first movie. The characters are DIFFERENT characters. Taken by itself the series works very well. I love the first movie and I love the series and I love Endgame as it relates to the series. Some of it needed help but blame Miramax as a crap fest studio. The series flowed very well from the first movie if you say the Connor was mistaken and he didn’t win the prize. Ignore the last 10 minutes. He was on a Quickening high. Just go with it. Endgame was a decent way to continue the story but Miramax blows.

  4. The main problem people keep having with Highlander as a series in total, is that they expect everything to make sense in continuity. Just go directly from the first film to the second. The story was supposed to be done, the prize won and the battle over. As soon as that’s thrown out the window, the rules no longer apply. I personally don’t consider the second movie at all. It’s truly an abortion of a film from a plot, excecution, and even acting stand point. Even attempting to rework it as they did with the Renegade Version just made it more ridiculious. I’ve enjoyed the show and the new movie for it’s possitive aspects. The swashbuckling, romancing, and time jumping to give detail and back story. Just don’t ever expect continuity to be a major factor.

  5. I have seen the first movie a long time a go. I’m going to back and watch all of them now, and i’ll take your advice Dr. and watch them in the order you prescibe. The last thing I want is to be confused. Will I be disappointed with these films or not?

  6. Higlander : end game (or Higlander 4) ended very very strange. I wonder how Highlander 4 fits together with Higlander 2, how could Connor be back in Higlander 2 if he died in Higlander 4? Higlander 2 is far into the future and there Connor is an old man. How did he come back after Higlander 4? Huh? Connor became one with ‘Adrian Paul’? who plays the other caracter in Highlander 4. But how did Connor return to his own body before Higlander 2? (will we see this in Highlander 5?)This makes me sick!!! Why can’t writers and directors be more careful with the story and the time line and make a story that fits together with the other parts? (Star Trek does time travels 10.000 times better than anyone, so why can’t Highlander follow Star Treks example? Watch and learn!)

    And to all who wan’t to see Highlander and haven’t seen them before,

    please see them in this order, or you will be very confused!

    1. Highlander

    2. Highlander 3 : The Magician

    3. Highlander 4 : End Game

    4. Highlander 2 : The Quickening

    And remember that some caracters in the series is played

    by diffrent actors. It can be very confusing!

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