Writers and spoilers

I really hate it when movie critics or writers drop a spoiler into a story without warning, I hate it even more when they drop a spoiler into the start of a story, or even the beginning of a feed. For example, here I am reading through the news stories of the day and I catch this from Movie Topix.

Aisle Buy That
While it may not feel quite right to say, if there ever was one, Primer is the most realistic XXX movie of all time.

Substitute XXX for the giveaway for what the machine is that they are building in the movie. Now I don’t know how much of a spoiler it was, but it’s fair to say that all the promotional things I’ve seen do not mention anything about what it is, and the mystery is kept going because of that.

It’s something similar that stopped me reading newsgroups about upcoming movies, that gave away the ending to The Sixth Sense in a straight post with no warning. It didn’t exactly ruin the movie for me as I still appreciated it for what it was and the cleverness behind it, however, I wasn’t given the choice of reading it or not, and I never got to experience that “Oh my god” feeling.

Has this happened to you? Obviously don’t tell us the spoiler, but has someone ruined a movie for you? Want to vent your frustration? Have we ruined a movie for you – I hope not, I know I am really careful about not spoiling something. Have you managed to watch a movie after having been given a spoiler and still enjoy it? Should writers not put any spoilers in a review, even if they are marked clearly, is it just too tempting to read them?

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