Katie Holmes dropped from Batman sequel

KatieHolmes.jpgThis has got to be good news for fans of Batman, and an especially good sign that the Studio has seen the light.

According to Comic Book Movie:

New reports reveal actors Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman have all signed to star in a second Batman movie, but love interest Katie Holmes has been dropped.

Warner Bros. are thrilled with the response to Batman Begins as it took $46.9 million in its first weekend in the US box office and have recruited the film’s stars for an upcoming sequel.

There are also a few telling quotes from the inside source that has been talking:

A source also tells PageSix.com, “Everyone is in agreement that the movie’s strength is with Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.”

Then adding of Katie Holmes, “She won’t be in the sequel… the next romantic interest will be a much stronger actress.”

“Warner is happy that people are now focusing on who’ll be playing the JOKER rather than Katie and Tom.”

That is really telling, it strongly suggests they don’t rate her acting too highly and that the calibre is definitely with the male leads.

You have to agree that this is the right decision. Even in the trailers she looked out of place and you were just sucked into the whole Dawson world in an instant. One has to ask, how can she break away from that? Do you agree she should be dropped for the sequel?