Disney to remake invisible movie

DenOsynlige.jpgSorry to shock you, but remakes haven’t stopped just yet. Disney are the latest to remake a foreign movie, and probably a perfectly good one at that. IMDB have it at 6.5 out of 10 on 485 votes. From Coming Soon:

Variety says the movie is based on Swedish supernatural film Den Osynlige, written by Mick Davis. A teenager is attacked and left for dead, then finds himself in limbo, invisible to the living and racing against time to find his body before he truly perishes. The only person who might be able to save him is his attacker, a troubled girl on the run from the law.

The story reminds me of the James Herbert novel Being Nobody, a very similar idea which could have been really intruiging but failed to hit the mark. I wonder how similar they are.

There’s an interesting quirk here. The original novel was written in Swedish, Davis wrote the script in English which was translated back to Swedish for the movie, all very confusing. I wonder if the new version was taken from the English script or the Swedish translation?! Let’s hope it doesn’t lose much. Anyone seen this movie and can comment on it?

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