Star Wars TV series

LucasChin.jpgThere is some interesting news about the new Star Wars TV series that’s popped up on Coming Soon:

‘Dian’ sent in this bit heard on TV in Australia regarding the upcoming live-action “Star Wars” TV series:

I was just watching the news over here in Australia and they said that the TV series will be shot in Australia and a deal will be done this June. The show will be one hundred episodes long and a hour each.

That’s a big commitment from the studio, perhaps their eyes have lit up at the merchandising rights. That’s not all though, there’s also the 3D Cartoon series, they also carry news of that from Static Multimedia. Watch for the amazing insight into what the story is about:

“The TV series, the animated TV series called ‘Clone Wars’ is about the clone wars. Some of it has been on the Cartoon Network, but we’re making it into an actual half hour, 3D animation series, and the other one deals with minor characters. And the time period is between episode 3 and episode 4, that 20-year stretch, but the characters aren’t any of the main characters that are in the movies.”

Watch that interview though, George Lucas talks about quite a few of his projects and there are some spoilers for Sith. Since I’m attending a press screening this week I’m not even going to look!

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