Record Profits for Hollywood

So some really interesting numbers have just come out. It looks like Hollywood has enjoyed a record breaking year as far as generated revenue goes. Profits from video sale are up 10%, and despite the fact that it was a really weak year for blockbuster films, box office totals were only down 1%. Here’s how some of it breaks down:

Total video revenue: $21 billion
Boxoffice revenue: $23.8 billion
Total revenue: $44.8 billion

Total US generated Revenue: $25.5 billion

Wow… those are some BIG numbers! So here’s my question for the mega geniuses over at the MPAA. With these kinds of revenue numbers, HOW THE HELL DO YOU JUSTIFY CRYING TO US ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU LOSE TO PIRACY!?!?!

OOOoooo… file sharing on the internet is killing the industry. Oooooo…. stuntmen are going hungry. Idiots.

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