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MrAndMrsSmith_poster.jpgI am actually quite looking forward to this movie, not just because the sexy level has been ramped up to eleven with the cast, but because it does genuinely seem like a lot of fun. There’s something about the posturing and posing of these two actors which dropped together on the same screen promises for a beaker and a half full of chemistry.

It’s interesting, and I’ll come back to this in a later post, that there really are few screen icons nowadays compared to today, there are many reasons why, but two of these icons are most definitely Pitt and Jolie. Put them onscreen together and we can almost forget what the script is, their presence, charisma and pure sex appeal will drive us through till the credits.

That said, I think this will be a decent, entertaining movie. So stop in by Movie Web‘s gallery and see some of their high res photos. Yes, there are close ups of both actors!

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5 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Smith images online

  1. I can`t wait i think it is going to be a great movie i love the actors in it angelina i love her and they look good together. I just can`t wait.

    Hey brad makes his own decisions i think even if he never met angelina that they would have still gotten divorced it just didn`t work and now just because they happen to be together every once in a while and in a movie together doesn`t mean she stole him. Plus like i said he is a big boy to make his own decisions so it takes 2 to steel someone. jennifer is cool don`t get me wrong but she`s no angie

  2. I think this is going to be a great movie and i think that all this bullshit about Angelina Stealing Bradd from Jennifer is a bunch off bbbbuuuullllllllcrap.

  3. Well done Drewbacca, feel very smug with yourself and avoid the question at hand. Surely you knew I meant:

    “…there really are few screen icons nowadays compared to that of days gone by…”

    Now…back to the question at hand.

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