Dougray Scott is Moses

DougrayScott.jpgI am totally biased here, the real story is that the mini-series The Ten Commandments is getting started on casting and there are big names in there, but for me it’s a Scottish actor cast as Moses that caught me.

A’right lads, yon big ‘un has telt me to bring doon these tablets, no, nae fudge!

Nah, I’m sure he’ll use a different accent. Coming Soon have the casting news:

ABC and producer Robert Halmi Sr. have cast Dougray Scott, Omar Sharif, Naveen Andrews, Mia Maestro and Linus Roache in The Ten Commandments, a big-budget four-hour miniseries that retells the classic biblical tale of Moses, says The Hollywood Reporter…

…Scott will portray Moses while the Oscar-nominated Sharif (Lawrence of Arabia) is on board to play Jethro. Lost co-star Andrews will portray Menerith, Roache (The Chronicles of Riddick) will play Aaron, while Maestro (Alias) is set as Zipporah.

Oh lord, Omar Sharif, what an icon of the cinema that man is. Just seeing him on the screen conjures images and scenes of some astoundingly great movies…and some astoundingly bad, but let’s not go there. What a casting, and Dougray Scott as Moses, what do you think?

11 thoughts on “Dougray Scott is Moses

  1. I just finished watching Ever After for the umpteenth time, and it’s still as great as the first time I watched it. Dougray Scott is a brilliant, talented actor and is very easy on the eyes. I’m sure the casting of him in the lead role will make this mini-series a success.

  2. I was delighted to hear the news of Dougray Scott being cast as Moses! He is an outstanding actor and will do a fantastic job in this role! I couldn’t agree more with some of the comments here about Moses being sexy. Dougray is hot and adorable!

  3. Dougray Scott will be fantastic as Moses. He is exactly the spiritual, thoughtful kind of actor who will bring great insight to the role. I don’t have a problem with him being good looking. Why shouldnt Moses be attractive? Works for me!!!

    I know, Dougray is absolutely perfect playing
    It will be a Spirital Communication.
    It will be a Magnificent Obession. (For Me)

  5. Well, fir sure seeung this movie will be a sin…. will have to go go confession after that ’cause Dougray as Moses is definetly a hot and sinful choice!!

  6. “Oh lord, Omar Sharif, what an icon of the cinema that man is”.


    I agree with you there Rich, what a brilliant performer and a looker too. Awwwwwww! I loved him in “Funny Girl” as Nick Arnstein and saw him again in “Hidalgo” opposite Mortensen last year.

  7. is it a sin to have the hots for Moses??
    because….I am thinking it will be very hard to sit through this film without totaly condemning myself!
    Dougray is sizzling HOT!!!!!!!!!


  8. I wonder if this is ABC’s reply to ‘Revelations’.

    Either way, this seems ambitious enough and with a cast like that it might be great as long as director Robert Dornhelm can pull through, he’s also helming ‘Into the West’ that premieres this summer on TNT which looks good.

    We will see.

  9. Dougray playing Moses is perfectly OK with me.

    Though I’m not sure how I feel about drooling over Moses….kind of creepy….heh. ;P

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