Alexandre Aja talks The Hills Have Eyes

HillsHaveEyes.jpgI just recently was witness to the stunningly scary and horrific movie Haute Tension from Alexandre Aja, and quite frankly I was surprised. What a movie. It coasts and amazingly fine line between thriller and all out schlock horror, and pulls it off perfectly, I haven’t been that affected by a movie since I was thirteen and watching a bootleg copy of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, boy was I freaked out then. Check out my review.

So there’s now one bucket load of anticipation for what Aja can do with the remake of The Hills Have Eyes which is called, surprisingly, The Hills Have Eyes! At first I was annoyed at another classic movie being remade, but then I hadn’t seen his previous work. Now, I can’t wait.

Coming Soon carry a snippet of an interview with Aja from Now Playing:

“I think we keep the spirit and we keep the savage and the nasty [tone] of the original one, but we try to bring the movie into the more Straw Dogs way,” Aja says, in reference to the Sam Peckinpah/Dustin Hoffman classic. “More of a survival way. It’s more about the family facing the unknown in the hills… a little bit different. I hope it’s going to be very scary.”

I think that without a doubt it will be.

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