Should we care if a celebrity is a jerk?

Several times over the last couple of years we’ve put up posts about various movie celebrities who have proven themselves to be jerks by either words or actions. Usually it’s because they do or say something obnoxious or annoying… not because they commit some kind of huge evil.

As an example, let’s look at Russell Crowe who has made our pages several times recently for being quite unlikable. In my opinion, Crowe is probably one of the three best pure actors working today (yes, I really think he’s that good). So here are two questions:

1) DOES a celebrity’s jerkiness effect how much you enjoy watching them?

2) SHOULD jerkiness effect how much you enjoy watching them?

Personally, here’s how I answer those questions. 1) Yes, Crowe acting like an idiot does effect how much I enjoy (or lack thereof) watching his films. 2) No, I don’t think it should effect how much I enjoy his films.

I won’t go into my personal reasons for those two answers… I’ll leave that to you guys. So… what how do you answer those questions and why?

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