Justin Timberlake in Die Hard 4?

A little while ago we reported the rumblings that Bruce Willis was wanting Ben Affleck to appear in the next Die Hard film. Reactions to that news was mixed here on The Movie Blog, but personally I thought it was a great idea.

Well, now the whispers are going around that the studio would rather have Justin Timberlake play the role because he would pull in more “young fans” at the box office. This just makes me sick.

I mean, who knows. Reports are that Timberlake didn’t do a bad job on Alpha Dog (which is still in post production), but I still be very nervous (and I’ve been proven right about this 1000 times over) whenever a studio decides to put a MUSIC person in a significant role in a film. For every 1 time it works out… it fails miserably 100 times. Not good odds.

Oh well… let’s wait and see I guess.

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12 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake in Die Hard 4?

  1. Hey John,

    you should of said let’s take a wait and see approach when you heard 50 cent was going to be in a movie. Any person would rather see 50 cent in a movie than timberlake, unless you are a 13 year old little girl.

  2. I would like to meat the “studio Exec.” that says….”I would like to use__________in the next big movie…..”…..and run him or her over with a big car.

  3. Ben Affleck will never live down paycheck in my book. It could have been a sweet movie – being based on PKD and all that – but come on! The action was the worst that I have ever seen in my life.

    When the robotic arm grabbed a gun out of the “bad guys” hands, spun it around and handed it to affleck, i thought it was kind of humorous. When affleck looked down at the gun, then HIT the guy over the head with the butt of the gun – that’s when I just laughed. I personally now despise affleck in action roles. Keep him in Good Will Hunting and Changing Lanes type stuff…

  4. Affleck….Timberlake….Affleck ….Timberlake

    Oh come on! There is no discussion on how bad an idea it is to even THINK of casting Timberlake. Keep that boy on the music stage where I can ignore him.

    And though I don’t think Affleck is a strong actor, he is good in a certain element. I think he’s good for this type of role and Willis is smart to ask for him. Heck, Ben needs a good movie! I understand the arguement that Affleck might be too old, but Willis isn’t exactly in his 30s anymore. In fact, I think it’s brave of him to want to father of an actor in his 30s.

    Speaking of age – wouldn’t Timberlake actually be too young? Depending on the timeline of the next Die Hard movie.

    I have really enjoyed the Die Hard series and I hope that they do this one right and not ruin it.

  5. I still say that Affleck is a solid actor when he’s not trying to do comedy. He was amazing in Good Will Hunting, VERY good in Changing Lanes and didn’t make a half bad Jack Ryan (although the movie itself could have been better).

    Tonay Jaa as the bad guy? Yum Yum… sign me up!

  6. John, you bad man … interstitial ads? Ick …

    Considering that the role is McClane’s son I’d say Timberlake actually makes a bit more sense than Affleck, who I’d say is a bit old for the part. Plus Affleck’s such a bad actor that your ‘actors instead of musicians’ argument doesn’t hold much water in this case, though I generally agree …

    But the big plus? Ong Bak’s Tony Jaa is still rumored for a major villain part. I want to see Tony kick Justin in the face. Really hard.

  7. Bad news: 20th Century Fox wants Justin Timberlake in the next Die Hard.

    Good news: There probably won’t be another Die Hard movie now.

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