How to Effectively Use a Movie as Part of a Good First Date

Welcome to The Dating/Movie Blog! Although I’ve never been really popular with the ladies(I think dating me is officially listed with the government as “Charity Work”), I have always liked making a film a part of a first date.

Now, notice that I said that a movie should be PART of a first date. Not the beginning and end of a date.

Some people think that a film is sort of a boring way to spend a date. After all, you’re just sitting quietly in a theater not really interacting right? Well… yes and no. Here are my five points to sweet goodnight kiss success:

1. Here’s how I like to do it. I like first meeting my date at the movie theater about 25 minutes before the show starts. That way, you go in and get your choice of seats (make sure you let her choose the seats). Right there you’ve got about 15 minutes of time to just relax and chat a little. The nice thing here is that there isn’t any pressure to have a good long conversation yet. You’ve got a few minutes to make nice small chat before the movie starts.

2. This is also a good opportunity for you to run to the concession stand. DO THIS AFTER GETTING YOUR SEATS! It show that you’re considerate and don’t want to make her stand in line at the stand. Make sure to ask what she wants. If she says “nothing”… she’s being a polite liar. Get a large popcorn because you KNOW she’ll share. If she doesn’t ask for anything to drink…play it safe and grab her a bottled water anyway. Tell her “I thought I’d grab this just in case since I was out there anyway”. Oh yes grasshopper… you are well on your way to a goodnight kiss.

3. Now, whenever I see a great or horrible movie, I always remember who I saw it with. Shared experiences are really great (good or bad). Throughout the movie (if it’s a comedy) you’ll end up turning to one another and laughing together, or (if a horror) screaming together (if you’re a sissy man), or what ever. It’s a simple shared experience. Any shared experience is a good thing on a first date (except for a car accident… that would be bad and counter productive to the whole “goodnight kiss” objective).

4. This part is key… make sure that when the movie is over the night ISN’T over. Pre-plan to hit a local bar or restaurant right after the show to grab a small bite or a drink. Now you can begin having better conversation… and if either of you aren’t good at getting the ball rolling, then you can always start with talking about the film. This is a great ice breaker and can get you both loosened up. Don’t make the mistake of quietly walking out of the theater and saying “well…goodnight!”. All that does is leave you with a lonely rest of the evening and your date wondering why she didn’t go out with me instead.

5. Optionally have a third part of the evening planned (like bowling, a nice walk, a club, whatever).

The principle here is that a movie is a good, low pressure way to start the evening, get the ball rolling and share a simple experience together before moving on with your evening.

So what do you think? Am I a genius? Am I full of crap? What would you add to my “Steps to goodnight kiss success” recipe?

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