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BrandonRouth_ClarkKent.jpgI have stated a number of times here on The Movie Blog that I like the casting of Brandon Routh as the new Man of Steel over Tom Welling (whom I also like very much). Anyway, there are some new picutres posted up of Routh dressed up in him Clark Kent outfit… and man does he look PERFECT! They really are paying tribute to Christopher Reeve with the whole look of Kent. You can go take a look at the images here.

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20 thoughts on “Brandon Routh as Clark Kent Pictures

  1. well, for me it’s good to see that they have found someone who will portray as Superman, who looks just like Christopher Reeve. of course, nothing beats the original! but, there’s no way this movie’s not gonna hit big!

  2. Am I the only on hwo thinks they are doing a gross misjustice in not doing a tie-in with the current show season. It’s one of the main sources that got superman popular again and had all of the staple charachters. The new super-Brandon Routh- is not too much older in tv-life than his tv counter-part, plus there’s already a built in fan base. I’m not overly excited about this move. Routh is really going to have to prove something

  3. check out the blue tights sight…..they have about 25 pic’s from Saturdays filming….they have about 20 seconds of footage where clark runs down the street and over the Speakers is the Da,dadada,dada!!!!! Frickin Awsome!!!!!! This movie is in the right hands and it will not let me down…..coolest thing is that they are NOT starting over….just picking up! They even said that when he rips his Clark Kent Suit off….he DOSENT have the Superman suit on….just a white T shirt! They went on to say that its probably because he isnt wearing the suit at the time and is PULLED back in to service after he sees something on the TV screens in the window! Again……I am Geeked!!!!

  4. For me, he looks more like Peter Gallager than Jimmy Fallon…It’s a fine look for C.Kent, but how will he look for the man of steel…

    /I’m unfamiliar with the actor expect for those shots…feel free to ignore this comment!

  5. Hmm where’s the other guy been… I haven’t seen him post anything in a lonnnggg while, I only see Richard and John post…what’s going on with that?

  6. Meh, to me…when I think of super man I think of a buff guy…so far every superman casted in any superman show, movie…ECT.(to me…strictly opinion) could definatly use a bit more muscle…that’s just my opinion.

  7. This is probably the wrong place to post this, seeing as how there is a post all about Batman vs. Superman elsewhere on the site, but I have to say I agree with Dutch. This whole “vs.” thing in movies is starting to get out of control. Not only should Batman and Superman NOT be competing against each other, any casual reader of either comic would tell you that Batman and Superman are good friends and have repeatedly teamed up with each other to fight crime. With a few exceptions, “A Death in the Family,” “The Dark Knight Returns,” etc., Batman and Superman crossovers usually mean they both need each other’s help to solve a crime. They’re even founding members of the JLA for pete’s sake!

    Sorry, don’t mean to go all geeky on everyone. I just think we should nip this “vs.” movie thing in the bud before it gets out of hand. Otherwise we could end up someday seeing Leathal Weapon vs. Rush Hour, Austin Powers vs. Flint, Forrest Gump vs. sam, Twister vs. Volcano. Come on people, we all know Hollywood.

    One movie cross-over I would like to see, however…Neo vs. The Terminators. Think about it. Both movies deal with AI going out of control, taking over the world, and leaving humans fighting a seemingly endless war for survival against a relentless robot army. Anyone else agree?

    But I digress. Going back to Superman, I think everyone should go back to the Superman movie logo post and look at the logo again, see if I’m the only one who noticed something unique about it.

  8. Ok, hate to even type this but, that one photo is just shy of Clark (or Clarke) doing a big ol’ Z-snap and going Miss Thang!!. And what’s with the hair? Wig not a wig.

    Having said that, I will admit the Reeve “homage” works. I think Brandon will do the past proudly. Just hate seeing Clark as that big a doofus again. Gotten comfortable with him being “man enough to hold his own” in the comics.

    This movie will be so great. Or, playing the the advocate of the devil… What if Singer just thinks he has the superhero thing working? A man that jumps ship from a Marvelous concept like X-men. Which I only read occasionally. Me thinks he might have his head in the clouds or up his @$$. Fingers crossed and all that.

    As for the Batman VS. Superman… it’s cool they’re at odds on issues of crime fighting. But, damn it their crime fighters.. Go bury the batarang in the Jokers neck or burn a boil on the buttocks of Luthor.. These men should get along long enough to solve a crime.

  9. that one where he’s running and taking off his jacket…..MAN…..thats just something to sit quietly and just take in……I bet they put off showing us him in the suit for a long time!

  10. Check out the side shot….he looks a awful lot like Reeve! The front shots….not so much but the side one is very close!

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