Sin City Comic to Movie Comparison

Oh yes boys and girls! Sin City is now just a day away! Wonder how close the movie is going to be to the comic? Well, the good folks over at Filmrot have put up a great post showing visual comparisons between the two… and the results are pretty impressive. Go on over and take a look at what I’m talking about.

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17 thoughts on “Sin City Comic to Movie Comparison

  1. Anyone that bashes Sin City is, more or less, a fucking moron. Not only was this film the most, THE MOST, faithful comic-to-movie adaption in human history, it is also, in my opinion, the best. Considering that the dialogue was taken word for word from the original, twisted but kick-ass comic, nearly every word spoken left me with the same dark and effective feeling from when I first read the material. Okay, sure, Jessica Alba was a little bland…a LITTLE.

    But when it comes right down to it all, the only actor worth recognizing for any form of faulty acting was Brittany Murphy. About 65 percent of her lines were delivered with just too much emotion, a little overacting. Everyone else performed their roll admirally, if not, a pinch from perfect. I honestly can’t wait for the sequels already in the works.

  2. Jesus christ, James, you have a lot of hate in you. Get a life. Please. And I fail to see how calling someone a feminist or a homo is an insult, as neither are bad things.

    Sorry, that made me laugh. Anyhoo…

    As a woman and a feminist, I had mixed feelings about it. I hafta say, I *love* films like this and I really enjoyed Sin City. It was beyond cool and I came out of the cinema feeling like I’d seen something really fresh and new. It was a great piece of film-making. I also liked the way it looked so comic-booky. I could almost see the strip panels in my head, and I’ve never even read Miller’s work.

    However, while I agree with stefan that the chicks were pretty hot, I object to the fact that that’s all they were. Sure, they were “tough”, but they were only allowed to be tough if they doubled up as really hot pieces of ass. What made it worse was that all the men were pretty ugly. Also, the fact that they defended themselves was little consolation because the only way they could defend themselves was if they had swords and machine guns. I mean, if some guy pulls a gun on me and orders me to get in his car so him and his friends can gang-rape me (√ɬ† la Johnny Boy), I’m not gonna have a team of armed hookers watching my back. In the film, when physical violence was implemented against women they had no way of fighting back without weapons. The effect of all this was to make me feel a little victimised – it put me in the mindset that if someone attacks me on the way home, I’m fucked basically. Which is not what I want to see at the cinema.

  3. I loved that film.
    I have nothing to complain about. Aesthetically brilliant, captured the look of the comics with perfection. Interesting way of telling 3 different stories.. it’s a good thing Rodriguez didn’t just focus on one story, but tried to incorporate all the characters.. To my opinion the acting was good.. I mean, each character from the comic has a very strong established personality, and the dialogues are also from the comics.. so nothing to complain about.. I also think it was very well cast..

    I have to admit, I don’t know what Gilmore Girls is.. had never seen the girl who plays Becky before.. nor had I seen Rosario Dawson play before.. I dont particularily like Devon Aoki as an actress, because she isn’t one.. she’s a model.. so no wonder she had a silent part..
    But the rest were excellent and believable.

    I also wanted to respond to KIT.. The movie is like the comic.. if you already didn’t like the comic, why did you go and see the film? So that you can write a 500 word essay about it and waste our time and patience? I am a woman, and I did see that women in Sin City are always half naked etc and that it is mostly a male fantasy kind of storyline.. But I like it! I am fed up with the way women are portrayed in the media as being weak and only there for their sexuality.. but in this instance, I enjoy it a lot! I think it’s cool! Besides, those women are NOT weak, they are bloody strong.. and the hookers in particular are even stronger than the men!! They are sexy and beat the crap out of their enemies. Perfect role models! LOL

    I like seing half naked women.. and I’m no lesbian! KIt, it’s part of the story.. it’s fiction! let us dream!!!!! It looks sleak and sexy.. and we love it! Get over it! Jessica Alba or not, it’s a fucking good film!!!! :-)

  4. i think kit is a HOMO, shut the Fcuk up already , u feminist, anti-jessica alba, gore-obsessed-serial killer crazed, virgin, i hate CGI, stay in your room, shoot down a school, and jack off to or something fag-…Jessica alba is friggen hot as hell, as well as britany murphy. I agree that Jessica can’t really act, but it doesnt affect the movie so bad where it wasnt enjoyable. She ads class and sexiness. I would hate to see some psychotic washed up skid like courtney love take her role, are you fucking serious????
    This movie is very artistic, and it has a certain look and feel just like the comic does. The CGI may have been overused, but it was not cheesy. The CGI was still affective and hardly noticable due to the contrast, color, and comic book style action sequences used. I enjoyed this movie, except for the whole “gilmore girl” thing, and benicio and rourke are da shiet!

    seeing rourke and britany together in the same movie reminded me of “Spun”-the best crystal meth movie ever made. If you see this movie you will see how really talented these actors are.

  5. Courtney Love is an old washed up whore. Nancy was supposed to have an innocence about her……And Courtney Love is just plain loose…..

  6. I have to agree with Jorse. this movie is a carbon copy of the comic book. have to give credit to the makers to keep the look intact. every dialogue, camera angles, character positioning in the scenes are exactly same. If you go to the theatre expecting a nice enjoyable thriller, then go somewhere else…this movie is not for everyone. Women in particular might hate it….(which is fair enough) but it is the way the comics are and real (sane) people who like it might not neccesarily be like the characters. Instead, if you see this movie expecting that it would be comic book experience then im sure you would like it. But hey everyone has their opinion

  7. It was quite amazing to see how 1:1 the movie was with the comics. I mean, every angle ja piece of violence was just like from Frank Miller’s great book. A truly comic book adaptation. But I’m not sure if that’s really the right and only way to put it together. Somehow it looked like little bit strugling to me. As John said, there is reason why comics are made as comics. Both formulas got their own advances, they should use them, not to copy from another.

  8. why do you write hundrets of words if you dont care about this shit? omfg.

    and kill bill is shit. taste is different buddy.

  9. This movie may have real visual quality, and moments of great violence, but the acting was awful!!!!!!!!! The dialogue was so stilted and fake-sounding. The dialogue is done so awful that you want to laugh or cry, but you end up annoyed. Not what I imagined at all. This movie is about as good as Dick Tracy 2.
    Bruce Willis, is a damn good actor and his performance was great. The only problem was that Jessica Alba was pitiful, over acting/under acting, had no chemistry, lack of follow-through, no talent and most of all she can not act, therefore she made others acting generic because of the major contrast; steven Hawking could have done a better Nancy. She brought less value to willis’ performance and made it less effective. They should have substituted a broom stick for her. Alba, however was the worst, but she was not the only person who retarded and made this movie pathetic.
    The females in this movie were carelessly casted, and taken from one teeny bopper-romantic-sleazy-millena TEEN movie (scream, Gilmore Girls, American Pie, ect.) and put in a role that was not qualified. The only 2 really good female actresses was Rosario Dawson and the ninja girl (who did not say a single word), these two carried the movie’s mood and style in great understanding.
    The best damn character of the movie had to be Mickey Rourke, who looked and acted with a quality that contrasts much of the cast. Marv was a really strong character that had the tone of MTV’s THE MAXX. This movie was literally carried by the quality acting of Rourke. Willis was good, but Alba is so awful at acting that she vandalized the quality and performance of Bruce and the strength of other characters whom she interacted with.
    The darkness and the artistic aspect was okay. There was way too much CGI and graphics. They used pointless special effects way too much. They did everything in CGI, even cars driving away or coming. This pointless use of graphics is real reminisent of AHHH..HEEEMmmm.. Spy Kids… There was benefits to having this movie in black and white they could do poorly and black out flaws. This movie was really over done and in said, was done impulsively.
    The choices in cast was a real failure. Sin City is the type of movie that would appeal to those who were tired of reading the comic with one hand (attthem, men). The sleaze was abnormally accurate to what MOST men dream; subordinate females, skimpy out fits, helpless women, damsels, underwear clad, camel toe flashing, a girl who ‘saves’ herself (looks 16 but they had to make it less pedophelic by suggesting she was 19) for a man who is in his 60’s. Yet, it is rich in “‘moral value'” when he tells the girl that he is in love with her and always was. Well in the beginning it shows this little girl at age 8… makes you think…
    Overall, I got the best entertainment from the blackness of the movie. I can not remember the last time a black and white movie was interesting visually. It was a shame that most of the blood was not clear, or even red. This movie was overdone in every other part and used obvious computer graphics that were low in quality and sequential clarity, but they could not add a contrasting color to the blood. Why? because the blood was not even real in this movie.. Which the blood had a matte appearence and was not visually apparent in this movie. There was parts of violence, but all the best parts had a black screen and the character was filled in solid white, when brains were blown out and ninja scenes took place. The only total color that appeared in this movie was while Bruce was in the strip club; oh you get to see sleaze in full color nudity sex and riding but yet the violence is censored! This is ridiculous that the sexual and promiscuous aspects are bright and noticeable and embraced, but the violence that serves the main purpose of the comics to emphasize the horror of life in sin city. The ‘what it takes is balls’ comic theme is transformed into a really good interpritation for women to see how pathetic, annoying, nerdy, dillusional, conditioned (classically), and shallow many men are. The characters besides Rosario, the ninja girl, willis, Elijah, and Rourke, were chosen by a rising fallace. I mean Elijah Wood actually looked like a great and talented actor in this movie!!! Well then I must look at the caliber of ‘actor/resses’ and then it becomes obvious! The other people were asthetics (nice to look at), period. Yeah, many may say this movie was violent, yes it was, but you could not see the vast majority of it. Yeah, it was definitely sleazy and over the top sexual to a point of desensitization. The only emphasized coloration at all was mainly to show off women’s bodies and their helplessness; which manifests into all women being prostitutes. Nice!

    Overall, I was expecting something comparable to kill bill I. I was expecting blood & guts in extreme detail. What I got was a softcore porn that made me want my money and 2 hours and 8 minutes of my life back.

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.. UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE SUCKY ACTING especially ALBA and Brittany Murphy. Or you are horned up to see Alba dance on a pole like a sloppy and extremely unconvincing stripper. This movie is overrated, says something about men, and THE BAD ADAPTION OF COMICS TO FILM STILL SHOWS TO BE A FAILURE.

    Courtney Love, would have played the best Nancy.
    Fairuza Balk would have made the best Shellie.
    Ani Defranco (barf) would have made a much more believable lesbian probation officer, rather than Carla Gugino’s fake breasts that do all the acting.
    Then the girl from GILMORE GIRLS- what more is there to say “seventh heaven blah blah (sing it)” this just validates and seals the deal. The casting people chose all the worst actors from all the worst shows and teen movies. They went for asthetics over accuracy. They went for people that do not even look or have the capacity to act the parts. This was a major unethical representation of a classic graphic series. This movie…. was a crying shame… They should recall the movie and make it again.


  10. Just a bunch of teenage boys in a game parlour must have made this movie.Save the princess, the machine orders,you must kill,kill, kill every man who kills women and get revenge, revenge,revenge, and by the way kill yourself too! Women with their heads on a wall, like deer caught between the headlights of this teenage angst movie.PLease throw up your fears about women somewhere else!

  11. Just a bunch of teenage boys in a game parlour maust have made this movie.Save the princess, the machine orders,you must kill,kill, kill every man who kills women and get revenge, revenge,revenge, and by the way kill yourself too! Women with their heads on a wall, like deer caught between the headlights of this teenage angst movie.PLease throw up your fears about women somewhere else!

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