How could they change the Oscars?

Oscar.jpgAfter some completely off the wall discussions on the Chris Rock story, one of the posters managed to move away from their one tracked discussion and bring up a good question.

Let’s just say that Chris Rock got fired from the hosting job. Who would host? Who would make a good, new host for the Oscars? Someone who hasn’t before and could add some interesting comment, something funny, or just plain style and gravitas to the role? Make your suggestions and reasons why.

Then that got me thinking further. What’s the deal with having a host to take you through the evening, that’s what all award shows do, and they do it just the same way. So why not change the format? Could it be changed and is there a better way? What about having each of last years winners introduce each award and present the new award, or each nominee introduce themselves and their nominated work?

What do you think? Could they change the format? Time for some discussion.

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