Website For Jackie Chan’s New Police Story Online

police.jpgThis is the first film Chan’s made back in his native Hong Kong in a while and it looks to be his best film in a good long time … site includes the first teaser, a full trailer, and an English language version of the entire site so you can actually have some clue what’s going on, though that stalled out when I tried to load it. So maybe Jackie’s just taunting us whities. Check it out here.

  • dan

    total shit! 3rd rate movie! I am disappointed..

  • conner

    hi jackie i like all your movies]

  • hi how r u?
    i love film jacky chan
    please download film

  • abasin

    i am not sure if youre gonna get this. but i just want to say congrats on the new movie i love youre work.i am a great fan of you like many more. thank you for taking time to read this. if you do get it.

  • Tim

    Just wanted to add, it isn’t so much Jackie is trying to broaden his range, I think he just wants to tell a believable story.

  • Tim

    I haven’t seen this movie yet, looks good though.
    Hey Paul, why should Jackie not broaden his range? Don’t forget that he went to school for theater too, not just Martial Arts.

  • Daniel


  • Adam

    about this new jackie chan movie “new police story” will it be dubbed into english ever? cause it looks really good

  • Oi Mei

    Nicholas Tse is the BEST