The Star Wars Universe is Momentarily Silenced.

Shock waves blasted through the geeky realm of Star Wars hyper-fandom yesterday as, while standing in line for our Shaun of the Dead Screening, our very own Star Wars nut, John Campea while reminiscing about a 2002 trip to “Celebration 2”, accidentally referenced the Ultimate Star Wars event as a “Star Trek thing”. Then.. there was silence….

It had to be let out dear Johnny.. it will only help, don’t keep it in… You’ll thank me later.

  • Wow – that’s SO NOT COOL!

    Even the people who hate the prequels typically don’t go that far.


  • Rodney

    Your Jedi mind tricks wont work on me John.

    But perhaps when you return from the Darkside your ghostly visage will have that fit look you had back in the late 80s. Without the Mullet.

  • John Campea

    No no no… I didn’t say that! You all… ummm… you ALL just heard me wrong at the same time… yeah… yeah that’s what happened.

  • KungFuGuy

    Your telling me. Twitch, a kid from my student ministry group, was there with us.

    Now he doubts.

    For shame.

  • Rodney

    I thought I felt a tremor in the Force.