The Public Votes on that Horrid “Fullscreen DVD” Nonsense.

Okay look folks. I’ll say it right outta the can so you can catch my “bias” and “propaganda” right outta the heap:

Fullscreen DVDs are silly and dumb. No really. Imagine this a sec: If your girl/boyfriend or husband/wife or child/nephew/neice made you a nice, pretty drawing and then some dork ripped up the page so you could only see a little more than half of the artwork your “precious person” made for you, you’d be pretty pissed off I bet, right? Yeah Exactly. Ever get ticked when someone’s head blocks so much as 10% of the screen in a movie theatre?? Yeah? Well, imagine that. I guess we’ll just march out to the store and buy the movie on fullscreen DVD and voluntarily snip almost 40% of the entire picture away. Cause guess what? That’s what you’re doing! Sound Stupid? You’re right.

Those “black bars” you don’t like? Well, they are there because, in case you’ve never noticed, TVs and movie screens are different SHAPES. And in order to see the entire….. oh… what’s that word.. ..ah! .. PICTURE.. the “movie screen shape” has to fit into your nearly-square TV shape. – And if the movie is “filling” your entire TV shape, you’re cutting away a HUGE part of the… oh geez.. I lost that word too.. oh yes, THE MOVIE!!!!

Today, the Internet Movie Database ran one of those “non-scientific” public opinion polls entitled “Should Studios Abandon “fullscreen” DVD Production? Which of course, is an obvious “yes”. At the time of viewing, 5783 people voted.. here are the results:

You know what the most disturbing thing is? that over 20% saw GOOD reason as to why studios should continue slicing 40% of the movie they’re watching, away! – And you 8.9% “no opinion-ers?” Yeah, just say Fullscreen sucks, okay? Because it does. Thanks.

Oh! And for those that say you like “fullscreen” because you like the picture “being Bigger”? — I offer you this earth-shattering idea instead of cutting away the film’s picture: Sit Closer! ~~SHOCK!!~~ Cue Thunderous “Tense Moment” Music!! : Dumm-Dumm-Duuhhhhhh!!!!!

(Case excepted for buying TV shows on DVD. For reasons I won’t explain lest you be completely crack-wracked.)

  • Hey Mr. Boseley.

    You do of course realizes that your version of “full 42 inches of film” means that they’re chopping off the left and right hand sides of the movie right?

    So you see… full screen means you’re not seeing the whole movie because they have to chop off the sides to make it fit on your square TV.

    What’s the point in watching a movie if you can’t see the whole movie?

    Only with wide screen do you see the WHOLE frame.


  • whos the daddy

    and what do you mean closer! I dont want to watch a letterbox,i want to watch a film.Whats the point of having half someones head cut off just so you can see all their left foot? duhh dimmme barr

  • richard boseley

    how can you justify widescreen? ive got a 42 inch screen tv and when i get dvds i want to watch 42 inches of film! I dont want giant black gaps at the top and bottom of the screen.I think you need brain therapy. Long live fullscreen,widescreen is pants

  • Burrito
  • Burrito

    OK… some movie history here…

    Films, as previously stated, are much older than television (first film made in 1895).

    Films were/still are shot on 35 mm film. The image on the film was/still is SQUARE.

    TV’s got their shape (academy aspect ratio 4:3) from the “silent film era” (1895~1930)

    After WWII, troops started coming home and moving to the suburbs and starting familys. Tv’s were coming in to play and as a result of living further from the theatere, and broadcast tv becoming popular, there was a sharp decline in movie attendance. The movie industry needed a gimick to get people back. To keep movies from being shown on TV, the changed the aspect ratio to 16:9. They also began subliminal bashing of TV in films. Portraying people who watch TV as losers, and various other ploys. They also began showing films in color. (FYI: 95% of movies from silent era were SHOT in B&W, but the film was colored by hand frame by frame.)

    To change the aspect ratio, they use techniques like Cinemascope. A special lense is used to distory the captured image and to store it on the 35 MM film. Then a lense is used to “correctly” project the image on the screen.

    I used to dislike widescreen too because of the “black bars”. Until I took a basic film class at college. I have since grown to hate fullscreen with a passion. The composition of each frame is important when viewing the movie. Body language, distance of the characters, background items, etc are all important and are played with just to show in FULLSCREEN (btw, I think they call it fullscreen to try to trick consumers, FULL sounds like you are “getting more”).

    Like most people, I dont have a widescreen tv either. And I probably wont get one for quite a while (until I get my student loans paid the hell down) I have a 48″ bigscreen TV thats going on about 10 years old now. I watch my movies on it or my laptop (15″ screen) and I hardly notice the “black bars” at all. I still have to convince my friends & family why fullscreen sucks so bad. My brother in law is a Star Wars freak, and couldn’t find out why Phantom Menace just wasn’t the same at home… fullscreen!

    Find a film class at a college and go. Most are so crowded you can probably go without actually taking the class or even being a student. You’ll learn more than you’d imagine.

  • Teresa

    I Love movies. I can stay glued to a T.V. set for hours if I have really good movies to watch. When I watch movies, I focus on the subject of the move as much as I do the picture. I like to bring something away from it other that a visual memory.

    A good comparison would be judging a book by it’s cover. Are you going to pick a book that looks “pretty” or are you going to pick the book that has contents that will interest you?

    Movies are the same in that respect. If it doesn’t interest us, we probably will not make an effort to watch it.

    I prefer full screen movies in my home because I have the “traditional t.v.” I have 3 and none of them came from Wal-Mart and unforturnately, none of them cost a low $189 either. But like the average American, I can not offord to replace 3 perfectly good tvs that are only a few years old because the film companies have decided that there are only widescreen viewers out there.

    I have went to a theater to see a movie and liked it so well that I buy it when it comes out on DVD. I have never felt like I was cheated out of anything because I watch it at home on DVD in the full screen version. I am excited when I go into a store and the most recently released movie is in a display with widescreen and full screen versions because I have an option.

    I know that I will just have to choke down whatever choice is handed to me in the end. After all, you can’t buy full-screen if they stop making it. BUT, think of it this way, do you really want to drive a 4 door luxury sedan when what your really want is a sports car? Just because the best features are in the full size car? I don’t think so.

  • Chuck

    Well Jason, apparently you have not learned a thing from Hitlers reign, such as how ramming your self serving beliefs down everyones throat and immediately slamming anyone who would dare to disagree with you, is not acceptable behavior. Now I realize you are trying to make your self feel better about your pathetic existence by brow beating any one who may not share your opinions. And no doubt you still have the price tags on your TV and stereo trying in vain to impress your friends(assuming you have any) with how much you spent, which I guess is necessary as you sure seem to be completely devoid of any interpersonal skills, which would preclude getting friends in the usual way. For crying out loud it’s a movie!!! Maybe if you spent a little more time in the real world and not so much in the fantasy world of movies, you might realize that people have different opinions, not right or wrong just different. I don’t know how you can see your TV anyway, with your head so far up your a**. I guess the stereo must be up real loud so you can hear it.

  • jason

    Say what you want….this subject got alote of people talking

  • jason

    Dmiller… that wasn’t aimed at you….

  • stinkyfinga

    4:3… 16:9

    if these were $ amounts what what u rather have?

    too bad the A-team DVDs weren’t filmed in widescreen…