The Perfect Score Reviews

You know when you see trailers for films and you just KNOW that its going to suck? Well that’s the thought that crossed my mind when I saw the first couple of previews for The Perfect Score. Apparently I was right. As of right now it has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 0%. I thought Erika Christensen was completely overrated in Traffic, she was terrible in Swim Fan, and yet for some reason some big movie exec thought she could carry a film like this one with no other notable talent to back her up. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying Erika Christensen doesn’t have any potential… she does… but she is just not ready to carry a film of her own. Here are the less than perfect scores the film is getting so far:

“Flounders about in a flux of narrative indecision and juvenile confusion.”
— Jeanne Aufmuth, PALO ALTO WEEKLY

“Hardly a perfect score. It’s not even a passing grade.”
— Michael Elliott, MOVIE PARABLES

“This undercooked high school heist movie is disfigured by flabby dialogue … unfunny pratfalls and criminally slack pacing.”
— John Patterson, L.A. WEEKLY

**My favorite one**
“Frankly, those of us for whom the SAT is a distant memory may not find it in our hearts to be all that sympathetic to a bunch of whiny kids afraid to take a test.”
— Luke Y. Thompson, NEW TIMES

  • you stink

    omgodd you all dont noe what you are talking bout. the perfect score was an awesome movie

  • I hate everything about this movie and I haven’t even seen it.