Suspect Zero. A.k.a.: Ghandi 2. Have a Trailer Why Doncha.

There I am, exiting the giant theatre (after waiting till the movie was over before I left, See Below) likely complaining about how bloated the average ticket price is these days when lo, a poster. A poster for a Ben Kingsley flick I had never even heard of. “Suspect Zero” it says. Trinity is also in it despite the fact that she probably hates it when people call her that. Aaron Eckhart’s in it too.. y;know.. The Core? (it’s okay, I didn’t see it either) – the guy everyone thinks is Christopher Lambert – wait, apparently that;s Thomas Jane — I get them all mixed up.? either way, him.

The Trailer The film opens August 27th

Okay, the premise is pretty simple, but is has enough flexibility to let someone like Ben Kingsley go a little creepy on us Sexy Beast style. Ben Kingsley plays an “enforcement agent” or ex-agent, not too sure – who, of course has been trained in a secret government agency to hunt by seeing distances with his mind. Now, years later, he’s using his “ability” for good (cue Ghandi) and in a vigilant style, hunts down and murders serial killers faster than the cops can even track them. – like The Tick, but with death. Never mind.

Anyhow, from the trailer you’ll catch on there’s a killer out there called “Suspect Zero” that no one can catch – but is Ben Kingsley’s character Suspect Zero? I dunno. Beats me. But I do know ticket prices are too high.

And yes, that was a UHF reference.

  • dmiller23462

    I think it (Suspect Zero) looks pretty good….Love the scene in Sexy Beast where he says “Why are you swearing? I’m not swearing”….Funny stuff…

  • Day-vuh

    Oh yeah you’re right.. those silly white guys.. they all look the same.. maybe I’ll change that…

  • Jason

    You know what the problem is with Suspect Zero….All the Great Trailers to Bad Suspense Films….It might be good but since the Usual Suspects and Seven…..everyone tries to save the BIG Twist for last and we want there to be one… the end….it is a let down. Case in point…”Identity”….great trailer…average movie….and the Suspect Zero is a average trailer….

  • nick

    the punisher was thomas jane – arron eckhart was in the core, possession, in the company of men, and erin brockovich. you so funny dave.

  • Don’t you know the dui decimal system???