Superman tv and movie people are talking

superman_image.jpgMediaharX posted some information on the new Superman project that Allison Mack, from SMALLVILLE apparently was dishing out:

She says that Tom Welling has definitely talked to the people at the Superman movie about starring in it – and she said “personally I think he’s the one actor that could do that role justice – he is Superman!”. She assured us that the superman film is still happening, because the film folks are talking to the tv folks about not treading on anyone’s toes and vice versa. Someone said she should play Lois, and she said that’d be too weird and after all, they’ve already got Jessica Beal or Beyonce.

I must say that while Tom Welling wouldn’t be my first pick to play the Man of Steel, I think he would be good in the role. Is there really anything to these rumors? Who knows, but as long as Keanu Reeves isn’t Superman, then I’m happy. Read the whole article here

  • Jim Laporte

    I believe they could get Bill Brewer to play superman. He has a great body for the part. Maybe they could throw in a sidekick like superlad, starring Matt Clark, these two love each other. Its only fitting they be in a movie together.

  • Misaisa

    This Brandon fellow might be attractive, but he ain’t no Superman. And he can’t compete with his predecessors, Dean Kain, Tom Welling or Christopher Reeve…hells no! Tom Welling should play Superman for the upcoming movie. He fits the part and he has been Superman for four years. Christopher Reeve will always be Superman and we watched him, in away, pass the torch to Tom. Studio executes….one Superman per decade please!!! I feel the movie will be great, but this will be like that old James Bond movie (that no one cares to remember) where the torch was passed to Timothy Dalton instead of Pierce Bronson. People watched but didn’t except it! Needless to say…It BOMBED! If they keep this guy, Batman Begins will kick its A#$ …..hands down. If this new movie casting doesn’t match or top the first….special effects will not be enough to save it. Oh…and that suit! What’s up with that? It SUCKS! The suit Christopher Reeve wore for the 1978 film looked better. If its a case were Tom doesn’t want the part or filming schedule is too tight…..I hope he changes his mind and/or the studio gives in some. Let’s face it Smallville is coming to a close whether we want it or not. It’s almost time for Clark Kent to leave to embark on his destiny anyway. Might as well have it lead to the movies.

  • keith

    welling is perfect for the role this other clown they got in doesnt look the part at all clark kent is tom welling in the minds eye of all the fans right now so if the studio wants this film to be a commercial success they aught to rethink their leading man, batman begins will kicks superman returns ass in cinema if the casting stays the same, bring in welling he’s a cool superman.

  • Jeremy

    I also beleive that Tom Welling should play as the next Superman!!!!!!! Superman fans have been watching Smallville for four years now, and all the fans have seen Christopher Reeve pass the torch to Tom. Let’s get all the Superman fans together, plead with the movie makers and try to establish to Tom that it is his DESTINY to play this much needed role. Christopher Reeve will always be Superman, but lets pass the torch to Tom just like Christopher did.

  • summer

    Omg……………….Tom is the hottest guy that lives!!!!! ssomeday im going to meet him….i hope smallville is the best show ever made!!! ahhhhhh so dang hot and love his smile and eyes

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