Spider-Man 2 Clips and behind-the-scenes stuff!

Oh, this’ll be really quick… but in case you’re getting ansy in yer pantsy waiting for the full Trailer of Spiderman 2 to be released, Sony has been kind enough to post some flashy-dashy clips from the movie on their website.. FOLLOW THIS LINK to watch it.

— There’s a bunch of behind the scenes stuff there too that you may wanna check out.. Fun Fun.

  • jl

    i just want to know if tobey maguire is the one behind the mask?

  • LOL Day-vuhl – I actually am staff at Queen’s U (the real one ) and will keep my ears open to see if there’s any feedback.

    Hey… Parker does live in Queen’s, New York. So it ALMOST makes sense that he’d go to Queens University – just like they took Aunt May to Queens Hospital in Spiderman 1 – and that they’d do location shots there for SM 2. :)

  • Day-vuhl

    Wow, if you have any connection to that university, let us know if people actually buy it. I’d laugh my ass off if they do.

  • Here’s something you might get a kick out of (today only).

    A University Security Department reports hiring extra part-time staff for final filming at Spiderman 2’s fictitous “Queen’s University” (in Queen’s NY) – photos from last Summer’s shoot on there too. :)