Serenity Animated Prequel? A Live Action Trilogy?

mal.jpgSome interesting news from the set of the Serenity movie … for those who don’t know Serenity is the feature film adaptation of Joss Whedon’s stellar (bad pun. bad, bad pun.) but short lived series Firefly, which for my money is the best thing Whedon has ever produced. Now we already knew Whedon was getting far more support for Serenity than Firefly ever received from Fox but apparently they’re really banking on this turning into something big … how big? Well, someone over at Serenity News landed themself some time on set as an extra and while there dug up news that Universal is also producing an animated prequel to the film to fill in the gap between the television show and the feature and that they’ve signed all of the principal actors to three picture contracts, obviously hoping that this does enough business to continue as a franchise. Whedon with a decent budget and creative control counts as a very good thing in my books. You can read the entire set report here. Thanks to Elaine for the heads up.