Police Academy 8 is Happening to your Life. Oh Yes it is.

Okay, I’ll have to fill this in once I get more info because I forgot to clip the newspaper article while I was on the subway yesterday. However, there it was in black n white: The announcment of the 8th Police Academy film. Unreal. This is new territory for a film I think – I mean, let’s make a time line: in order you’ve got your:

Fresh Ideas >> Compounded and used but still done well ideas >> Stale, “done” Ideas >> Old Ideas >> Waste of Money to Produce >> Idiots who think things are still cool when they’re not >> Dead and every body knows it >> The Scary Movie Franchise >> Everyone’s forgotten about it because the last movie was a decade ago and we only use the frachise for jokes now. >> Good nostalgic ideas >> Bad nostalgic ideas >> Wha?.. What’s that? >> [Enter new Timeline candidate here]

It had fallen from my capabilities of logic and reason that they would make another one. But still, here it is. the article went on the say they were looking to bring on Old and New cast members. Mind you, Steve Guttenberg will finally have something to do.

Oh, I’ll probably see this. Just for the record.
Oh Look! An Online Article!!

  • Beren

    The Police Academy films are my absolute favourite in the world, and I do say that proudly. I hope hope that number 8 comes out soon. I would be first in line to watch it! I would love to hear any more news, so make sure someone lets me know! Wow, this just made my night!

  • I’ll watch it if they ‘ave a cup o’ tea an’ slice o’ cake for ol’ Worzel!

  • Robert Maslansky

    My uncle is the producer of the movies, and yes he had said that they went to long, but i do think people of now a days will go pay 8 dollars to see a classic and hope that they will get it right. I have seen some of the prodution notes and it looks good, but again hes my uncle. But to say i have all of them on DVD and yes i do watch them often. All and all give them a chance….

  • Senator Metzen

    I just hope the movie has more tits on it. I love to see tits.

  • OK

    I’d like to see Andre Henry in the new Police Academy movie..

  • kitty

    “……they will give it to a shit….no name director”

    You suck man! That Police Academy will be directed the the best man ever: Hugh Wilson
    He also directed the first one!!