Pictures of the Batman Begins Batmobile. Sure ain’t flimsy.

Well, if you’ve ever said to yourself: “Self, if I ever become a superhero, my vehicle isn’t going to be a flashy, flimsy yuppy style slick-mobile, I’m gonna have a ‘rupture your corn-hole just by driving by type vehicle, one that’d punch through your house like butter'”, then you’ll really like these.

— Apparently, once upon a time the design producers for Batman Begins thought the very same thing.

Here’s the Batmobile – right on the warner brothers’ homepage. Click This and be Mighty:


    the very frist time i saw the batmobile (batman begins) i thought it was some kind of machine to cut the grass at bruce wayne’s residence….but now i totally like it…it is just exacly what batman must drive; something extreme, out of the ordinary and unpredictable.

  • Vijay

    This looks kick ass. Looks like the Kind, the near Merciless Dark kinght would love to Drive.

  • It is so bad. Heck the batmobile in Batman and Robin was better!

  • dakota

    batman is tight

  • Geoff

    It sucks. I don’t know squat about Batman Begins however so maybe it fits in somehow.

  • Alexx

    This is right up my alley! Reminds me of both the dropship and the APC from Aliens (1986).

  • This rocks my socks.

    Finally they are doing batman the way it WOULD have happened. (I say ‘would’ in a world where unreality is only a small step to the left)

    THIS Batman makes sense. I am a HUGE advocate for keeping things true to the original, but I have to say I am not minding these subtle differences. Mind you if they do something like having his parents killed by scarecrow or bane I will be some pissy.

  • Don’t know how I feel about this. Sure, it looks all tough and bad-ass, but I always liked the sleek, menacing vibe that the Batmobile had in the Tim Burton flicks and in the cartoon series. I suppose they’re not very practical, but this beast looks more like the “Bat-SUV” than the “Batmobile”. I’ll have to admit to almost giggling when I first saw it. Maybe it’s an early April Fool’s Day prank…

  • retardedjimmy

    They should have covered the front wheels and put that little bat head on there. Other than that it doesn’t look too bad. Maybe this one isn’t done yet.