Okay, Here’s a Casting Combo I Didn’t See Coming …

t_asano.jpgOkay, I have no idea what this is about or what it looks like other than the few stills on the front page, but Survive Style 5 is a new film from Japan starring Tadanobu Asano and …. Vinnie Jones? WHAT!?!? Vinnie Jones? Mr. Desert Eagle 5.0? What on earth is Vinnie Jones doing making movies in JAPAN!?! Madness, I say … website’s here.

  • Maybe it’s because the guy on the phone in one of the small pics is Sonny Chiba. Listed as Chiba, Shinichi.

    Cast link: http://ss5.goo.ne.jp/cast3.html

  • Wonder what Vinnie’s doing to his ear in that photo… must be one heckuva q-tip.