Mel Advertises ‘The Passion…’ So Completely Correctly.

Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday. Actually, given 4 seconds to think about it, you’ll never see it. Ever.

Today I read earlier that The Passion of the Christ had a very “against the grain” marketing campaign. Does it Ever.

Okay, so I’m browsing through the movie’s official site a few moments ago and stumbled upon a segment of the site called “Fan Kits”. It seemed interesting enough for me to take a gander. So I gandered. Here, you can order large posters, door hangers, envelope inserts, small fold posters and postcards right from the website. Now, this is where most people would say: “I can’t believe someone would try to make a profit off of a topic so utterly sensitive.” Well, let me tell you, in this case, that doesn’t apply…. Why?

Because everything is free. That’s for real. Not “free when you buy something else” – But: * Everything — Is — Free.* Period.

Do you want 3 Posters and a bunch of press kit stuff? It’s free.
How bout 200 Postcards? Yeah, that’s free too.
Okay, forget that, maybe you want to go all out and get 100 Full-Sized Posters. — Yup. Believe it or not, they’re all completely free. No seriously. (If you want a MASSIVE order like this one though, you need to be an organization)

And count on the government to make you buy postage stamps – And only the States can take advantage of this…. which sucks. –

I have to hand it to Mel, as far as I’m concerned, he’s doing everything right with the handling of this movie. From making the entire marketing campaign one big give-away, to personally calling, visiting and speaking with people who have concerns about it, I’d give Mel an A+ for trying to handle such a delicate issue correctly. In a world where you can’t please everybody, it’s amazing to see someone actually trying.

To order, Click Here, Enter the site, go to “Spread The Word” and select “Fan Kits”

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