• David Poe

    Wild Ideas:

    1) Fun lists. The one about the robot missed VINCENT from the Black Hole, but its a fun read. (kidding)

    2) Obscure reviews. Foreign films that won’t hit the States for a year. Bizzaro anime. Movies from 1993 that no one remembers. Whatever suits your fancy.

    3) Fisking of bad reviews. Every elitist “Indy” newspaper in major cities champion snooty indy movies and trash gems like LOTR. They’re ripe for ripping apart.

    How do those sound??

  • Day-vuhl

    I’d type a rebuttle, but I gotta go buy steel cups.

  • I’m detecting a theme emerging here

  • I’d pay to see an independant short of Day-vuhl starring in “Man gets Football to Groin”

  • Kick Day-vuhl in the groin. Lots. Film it and put it on the site. I’d come see that every day.

  • Day-vuhl

    Well, since I work here, I remembered you had an idea for a ticker that had “most active post/blog” on it. Or a search would be nice. but hey, maybe I should work on this myself.. I’m a dork.