Life Aquatic Trailer Now Available in Quicktime!

lifeaquatic.jpgAh, new it was only a matter of time before this turned up … the trailer for Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic is now available in glorious, high resolution Quicktime format here. There’s also a small version and a couple of medium versions, but you should really go for the gusto.

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  • Bubba

    Henry Selick, actually, but yeah. That’s not CG, it’s stop motion. All of the underwater sequences are going to be stop motion animated. Personally I LOVE Selick’s stuff so I’m totally looking forward to it …

  • Awhile back, AICN reported that Anderson was getting Harry Selick (who did stop-motion animation on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “James And The Giant Peach”) to do stop-motion animation for the film. Which is probably what we’re seeing in the trailer…

  • Wow, beautiful trailer but whats with the CGI fish? They look really stupid…..