Hey Look! The Donnie Darko Director’s Cut Trailer

I really don’t need to tell you why this movie was, is and will be a good thing to see, right? No? Good.

Yummy Trailer.

Oh, and as a side note, I realize I should be taken aback as to the “coolness” of the Donnie Darko Webpage, but frankly, I just find it piss annoying.

Oh, the passwords are breathe, smurf and sparrow by the way. Did I just ruin it? whoopsie.

  • Komic Genius

    Donnie Darko is one of my favourite films and to hear that the director’s cut is being released i thought i would have to check it out. It’s defently being released in UK late summertime. Kelly thinks the UK has really shone to Donnie Darko and thinks it will have a large profit over there. GD LUK 2 IM!

  • Bubba

    The director’s cut is definitely coming to DVD, but not until they’re done with the theatrical run …

  • Day-vuhl

    That’s a great question.. I’ll look into that…
    Information on the website though, is rather hard to get to… hence why I find it annoying…

    As far as seeing something goes, you may need to update your browser’s Flash plug-in.

  • Over here, the page doesn’t stay with beeing annoying. It’s totally invisible.

    Does it say anything about a DVD release date?