• Day-vuh;

    I like my tan.

    Tans are nice.

    I’d say it’s nice to be back…

    …but it kinda isn’t.

    Although I can now speak with people with words n stuff.

  • Bubba

    See what happens when you go away Dave? It gets awfully Asian around here when I’m the only one posting. So get off your beach and get back to work.

  • Bubba

    I hope you get sand in your shorts. Lots of it. Coarse, grinding, chafing sand scraping unmercifully at your most tender of tender bits.

  • kev-dogg

    how can my brother afford to go to these places???? why doesn’t he take his younger bro??? what a slut…. :)

  • I will try to have some pity on you whilst you sit on a part of the planet closer to the sun than where I am



  • Sarah ((just an ordinary reader))

    i hope you have a great time, your articles will be missed :)