Early Spiderman 2 Review! And: It’s Good! Spider-Man Spoilers Even!

See, how come no one is sneaking us into hidden areas and showing us unreleased films, huh? Why this guy? Ugh. Some people. We get to sit here writing reviews for “released” films… Nyah, nyah..Boy, it’s a good thing I don’t care. Nope. Not a bit. Phooey.

Anyway.. One of the lucky punks over at aintitcool.com has already seen Spiderman 2. Spider-Man 2. With or without the hyphen. Whatever.

Either way, he seems doubled over with the film. He even went ahead and didn’t write the review for a few DAYS, just so he was certain he wasn’t writing a “giddy” review – movie people tend to get that way, you see. He’s got Tons of stuff in there… Wanna Read it? Do ya REALLY wanna read it?

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  • Shane

    One of the worse movies I have ever seen. I’ll post my review for Spiderman 3 now to avoid the rush – mountain of crap.

  • Day-vuh

    How exactly does a sequel rip-off the first part of its own story?

    Wow.. You mean it was repetitive? The same movie twice in a row? Boy, don’t EVER watch the Fast and the Furious franchise then.

  • Razor

    Well guy, it WAS a sequel…..

  • Homer

    this movie sucked , period. its a rip off from the first one which was 10 times better … i dont know what movie u people saw with ur A+ reviews…..