Disney Tackles Toy Story 3 All By Itself.

Did you ever see Freaky Friday? Either one of them? Or any other “take on someone else’s responsibility” type movies? You know the routine: the person with the big ego, who really has no idea what they’re doing, assumes they can do the other person’s job much better than the original person because.. “How hard can it be, right?” Today, the shoes of this annoying, ignorant, hard-headed person are being worn by my favourite love-to-hate-them company: Disney.

Reuters tells us that Disney revealed that they will tackle, write, direct, animate, produce and release “Toy Story 3” all by themselves. (Article Here) Hehehehehehehe. This’ll be neat. Disney distributed the first 2 Toy Stories, that’s it. Okay, yeah yeah, they have a Producing credit for them as well, but folks, this is essentially the MailMan standing up and saying he can do the CEO’s job. Oh sure, this mailman happens to know how to make movies, but in this modern time, movies that aren’t any good.

I mean sure, I can’t sit here and say “it won’t make money”, because it will: 1) From people who don’t follow this stuff and think it’s being made by the same company 2) From little kids who just want to see their favourite characters again and 3) From people like me who wanna sit and pick the daylights out of it. So, yeah, a few bucks are to be had but, look at things this way: Disney has billions. Disney now has lots of elbow room now that they’ve laid off, fired and sent their hand draw-ers packin. Obviously they have some new, secret, fantastically wonderful new plans for the company right? A whole new leaf right? A new company! a new 3D model direction! infinite possibilities, right? Nope, Toy Story 3. – A story based on someone else’s movies, but it’s a shoo-in for us, so we’ll do it. Cuz we don’t have anything else constructive at the moment.

My Heroes.

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  • Kid_7

    Louie Anderson would be a good replacement for Jim Varney to do the voice of Slinky Dog. Anderson is good at voice acting and had his own cartoon show “Life with Louie”. From the way he sounds, he would make a GREAT sound-alike of Jim Varney for Slinky.

  • sam

    this is ridiculous, disney is nothing without pixar

  • KING S

    Ok, so I may be a little late posting a comment. But I just want to say that I work for the walt Disney Company as a performer… and would just like to point out a couple of truths to those who don’t know what they are talking about. First of all…yes, pixar did animate the first two movies…and they came up with the initial idea. But DISNEY writers co-wrote the stories (more of the second film). Disney will not pay any money to pixar for part three, they now have obtained the complete rights to the series, characters, etc. The origonal voices will NOT be on board, because Disney will not pay crazy prices for voices that can be imitated. PIXAR is a wonderful animation company, but don’t give them all the credit… Disney co-wrote the incredibles, toy story, montsters inc…and will be releasing CHICKEN LITTLE soon, all by them selves. and let’s not forget that the WD company gave PIXAR its start, when nobody else would. The splitting of Disney/Pixar was a mutual decision, agreed on by both sides. No one abbandoned the other.

  • Chris Putnam

    I really used to respect Disney. I thought that by now, they would have learned all the necessities for good film-making. And I have been proven wrong. Pixar is the epitome of Disney’s success and Pixar will finally take all the credit they deserve when they leave Disney. I don’t know who Disney thinks they’re going to fool by making poorly animated films based on films created by Disney’s better halves. I am 13 and have been planning to work at Pixar for a long while now and I am outraged. Any supporter of Pixar should spread the word about Disney’s little game and expose them as the impersonators
    that they have become!