Blues Brothers 3

aykroyd4.jpgFile this one under the category of “Oh for heavens sake just let it go”. Word is that Dan Aykroyd has plans to develop a Blues Brothers 3. I’ll give you a moment to slap your heads….

The Blues Brothers is still a movie that stops me dead in my tracks when I’m channel surfing late at night. That movie was just hilarious. But everyone knew far in advance that doing a sequel without John Belushi was a bad idea. And the movie proved it. Oh man number 2 was just painful to watch.

One of the saddest things about this whole story is the fall of Dan Aykroyd, who I think is terrific. I thought his role in Grosse Pointe Blank was going to re-launch his career… and it SHOULD have. But he’s still just doing cheesy Canadian Sci-Fi X-Files wannabe shows and now crap like this. The good folks over at Insomniac Mania offer up this:

Dan Aykroyd has plans to create a “Blues Brothers 3”. Whilst talking to The Chicago Sun Times, Aykroyd announced he does have plans and that it go “straight-to-DVD”. He continued “I don’t think we’d ever get the financing for another feature. Jimmy Belushi [John’s brother] will play the heir to the throne of Albania in the next movie.”

What? You’re kidding! Someone won’t finance this!?!? Shocking! Ok, enough with the sarcasm. This is a bad idea and hopefully some of Aykroyd’s close friends and relatives will hold some kind of intervention meeting with him. Let it go Dan… just let it go.

  • Kris

    For all of you that wish to tell Mr. Aykroyd to “let it go,” maybe you guys should let the guy go. Dan Aykroyd has done more for Blues music than anyone in the past 20 years. He is one of the few people that try to make this world a better place to live in. YES, the whole spirit of the blues brothers died with Belushi but the music did not!

    When Dan Aykroyd is Elwood Blues he’s not tryin to be pimped out and not tryin to just make money cause he dont got work. He is one of the few great musicians aside from actor that is trying to keep real music alive and spread it on to genarations to come. Dan did not have alot of authority over Blues Bros 2000, Universal crushed it. They told him he has to make it into a kids movie. thats why it became corny and lost its spirit. If it was up to Aykroyd it would have been a whole differnt movie. If he would do a 3rd film, im sure it would be better than the 2nd. and ofcourse the music would be great. For all of you people that would like Dan Aykroyd to let the blues brothers go, I have something to tell you , The Blues Brothers will always and forever be around.

  • First of all, I would like to say that I think Dan Aykroyd is one of the most talented Writers/Comedians/Actors around today.

    I absolutely loved “The Blues Brothers” movie.

    I just couldn’t sit still and until March 5, 1982, was hoping that a sequel would be made.

    John Belushi was a brilliant Actor/Writer/Comedian and his singing voice had a raw, rough quality that I enjoyed and still enjoy.

    But John is gone. When John died, the Blues Brothers died with him.

    My message to Dan is to “let go”. I think it’s an insult to John’s memory to try and carry on without him.

    The only way you could get any sequel to succeed would be to build yourself a time machine, go back in time, bust Cathy Evelyn Smith on March 4, 1982, get John clean and sober and then bring him forward to the Present.

    Dan, I grieve with you and with Judy, but it’s time to let go.

  • Lauren

    Well I agree with Daniel, A BB3 should be released to teach kids about real music… more than to keep BB fans satisfied

  • Daniel

    Well, this is my first comment on anything like this, but I believe that there should be a third Blues Brothers movie, not just for the soundtrack, but to give the kids of the next generation and generations to come, to listen to music when it wasn’t electronic crap, which is where the industry seems to be going. We need the craftsmen to be out there doing what they do best, and If there isn’t a third Blues Brothers movie, at least start having some big tours, new recordings, and maybe even a Dual Disc set so people can see how it’s done right, and just seeing people lip synching it a la Ashlee Simpson

  • Rachel

    actually Im new to this site so On web sites it’s saying GhostBusters 3 was released in 1998. But I never even heard about Aykroyd making a BB3, I only heard of the original one and BB2000 wich other people say SUCKED. I dunno I never really saw BB2000. I’d liked 2 cause I’m a Aykroyd fan but clue me in people is it worth to watch?

  • the lord work’s in mysterious ways

    i really don’t against the idea ’cause they already continued the story.well second movie haven’t finished syory.but they has to wait like 4-5years more…hope nobody dies…

  • My recommendation after seeing BB2K was: Buy the soundtrack and go see the original again.

    There is no potential in BB3, but there might be in it’s soundtrack! I think this is worth mentioning.

    From Sweden with love

  • Mark

    There goes Aykroyd pimping out BB again, as if BB 2000 and the (little-seen) animated series didn’t suck enough.

    There isn’t going to be a Ghostbusters 3 because Bill Murray owns part of the rights and he won’t let Aykroyd exploit that franchise to death. The only chance for a GB-3 may be if the Wilson brothers and Wes Anderson would like to do it, and star in it, and ask Murray for the rights — they seem to be on better terms with Bill Murray than Ackryod these days.

  • Simone

    Isn’t there a plan for a 3rd Ghostbuster movie?

    I did enjoy Dan Aykroyd’s performance in “Grosse Point Blank”