Alexander movie looks Cast-Tastic

Wow, I was looking up some information on the new movie Alexander that opens in November. I knew that Colin Farrel was in it, but I has NO IDEA the rest of the cast was so strong. Look at this list:

alexander.jpgColin Farrell …. Alexander
Jared Leto …. Hephaestion
Anthony Hopkins …. Ptolemy
Rosario Dawson …. Roxanne
Angelina Jolie …. Olympias
Val Kilmer …. Philip

What can I say? Sign me up.

  • Liz

    do yall kno the persian lover of alexander in the movie. like whats his real name…the pretty boy…not the one he’s in love with, but the other one he supposedly sleeps with in the movie. i have been trying to figure out his real name…or well his name in the movie…???

  • vladar

    I think that the film was good but Alexander isn’t The Great he is The MACEDONIAN because Macedonia isn’t Greece.In that time Greece was ocuppied from Macedonia and Alexander

  • Pie

    From what i’ve read of the greek history, love between two men (as in love, rather than sex) was praised as being beautiful and useful i suppose, because it meant they fought for each other with a passion, were more loyal, and basically made a better army.
    The whole sex idea on its own was frowned upon, it was seen as ‘giving in’ and having no self control etc.

    I saw the film on saturday and thought it was wonderful. I know it was unimportant what sexuality Alexander was (did ‘sexuality’ as such even exist then?) but i think their relationship was touching in the fact that everyone else betrayed him except Hephaestion. I think it added to, rather than detracted from, a plotline that otherwise would have been a bit boring. “March on country, kill inhabitants, keep going, kill next country, keep going, get slaughtered graphically”/

    But all together i thought the film one of the best i’ve seen in a long time, despite all the bad reviews its got. But hey thats just me :)

  • Colin Farrell suits this role of Alexander

  • vie

    …as i read bout all that comments above .., why kind a gay thing makes such a big deal ?? i love that movie .and thats a great romance between alexander and hephasestion .,i heard that alexander was a god of war ( nick given to him )., but why oliver put only a few scene about that .., i hope i’ll see a lot .