News Flash! World’s Greatest Lover Joins The Movie Blog Team

In a press release called earlier today by one Mr. John Campea, it was revealed that one the World’s Greatest Lover, one Mr. Miles Kinnee has consented to join the prestegious Movie Blog writing team.

When asked what influenced this descision, Mr. Campea cited Mr. Kinnee’s “keen intellect”, “diabolic witiscims” and “devilish charm” as reasons for extending the much coveted invatation to him. He also went on to add, “All women want him, and all men want to be him, truly the world’s formemost man.”

Mr. Kinnee Himself was much more modest about the appointment. When queried as to the nature of his duties, he took a long leisurly drag of his cigarette, a light sip from his snifter of brandy, flipped his perfectly coifed locks and replied, “Oh, this and that”, much to the delight to the crowd of reporters and fans that had gathered for the event.

Mr. Kinnee then proceeded to rakishly wink at a group of schoolgirls nearby who promtly swooned and fell to the floor, made weak from the honor bestowed upon them.

Look for Miles Kinnee’s forthcoming posts on, as he seeks to enlighten and enrich the lives of it’s faithful readers.

Incidently Miles also holds the world records for the world’s most intelligent man, most bees caught in a day and world’d most deadliest primate.

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5 thoughts on “News Flash! World’s Greatest Lover Joins The Movie Blog Team

  1. *blushes* @ Miles

    So we have 3 hunking males in the site?

    Ehr Miles, what are you working on as your first piece for The Movie Blog?

    I actually have a few ideas and would like to contribute it to the site. Most of my friends from a discussion board that I previously ran for 6 years are now in this blog and enjoying it.

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